• Fresh Produce

    Spinneys’ reputation has been built on the variety, freshness and quality of our fruit and vegetables. With numerous stores in a desert environment, it is essential that we import produce from around the world to offer customers the widest choice. Over the past 50 years we’ve become experts at this, with daily flights allowing us to select quality, handpicked produce from growers who share our views on quality, food safety and sustainability. In accordance with our stance on environmental awareness, only passenger cargo is used to import these products.

    As a company we also have strong ties to the local community and make a concerted effort to work with local farmers and producers. As a result, we carry a wide range of locally grown fruit and vegetables. Customers have the choice of picking their produce loose or opting for the convenience of ready-packaged and prepared items.

    We have recently added a new line of SpinneysFood organic vegetables to our range, which includes Tenderstem broccoli, garden peas, fine beans and more.

  • Bakery

    Few things in life are more pleasing to the senses than the smell of freshly baked bread, and that’s exactly what awaits you in our larger stores.

    From essential everyday sliced loaves and individual rolls to rye, spelt and ciabatta, as well as traditional baguettes and more speciality offerings, our in-store bakeries produce over 50 varieties of bread. In adherence with our dedication to freshness and quality, we guarantee that our bread is sold only on the day it is baked.

    We also sell a range of pastries, biscuits, cookies, cakes and other sweet items.

  • Seafood

    We are committed to offering our customers high-quality, responsibly sourced seafood. Spinneys work with local fishermen who supply us with freshly caught fish and seafood from the UAE and Oman, while simultaneously ensuring that local stocks are protected.

    We have strong relationships with international suppliers who share our values regarding best practice, sustainability and transparency. This means we can offer our customers great-quality fresh, frozen and smoked seafood food from around the world throughout the year.

    Our large stores stock over 40 types of seafood and our fishmongers are happy to fillet and clean your fish for you.

  • Meat & Poultry

    Since 1st January 2015 all the meat and poultry sold at Spinneys is free from added hormones, as well as being quality assured, sourced from family farms and 100% traceable.

    We firmly believe that the popularity of our natural, great-tasting meat and poultry is directly related to the close relationship we have with our suppliers who share and understand our values and commitment to food safety, sustainability and animal welfare.

    Our innovative production systems and dedicated supply train allows us to monitor the safe transportation, storage and sale of each product.

  • Deli

    At Spinneys we are passionate about the quality, provenance and variety of items on offer at our deli counters. As well as over 15 types of olives, you’ll find antipasti items such as sun-blushed tomatoes, marinated artichokes, grilled aubergines, seafood and marinated artichokes.

    We also stock a wide selection of cheeses, fresh salads, roasted vegetables, dips, cooked meats and hot food items. Our SpinneysFood pre-prepared range has been designed with customer convenience in mind and includes healthy snack packs, mini meatballs and burgers plus crudités and dips.

    If you’d like to try an item from the deli counter, just ask.


    Fresh Flowers

    Whether you’re looking for a gift or simply want to brighten up your own home, our range of beautiful fresh flowers includes handpicked roses, lilies, mixed bouquets and potted plants, imported from countries such as the Netherlands, Kenya and Ethiopia.

    Christmas Trees

    Complete your Christmas with the perfect pine, spruce or fir tree from Spinneys. Imported from the USA and available throughout December, our trees will give your home a beautiful, festive finishing touch as well as providing a place for Santa to leave his presents.