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Keep cool and stay in shape this summer with a new wave of water-based fitness workouts
Aqua Spinning
Aqua Spinning
July 01, 2019
By Karen D'Souza

1 WHERE: SUP HIIT by Watercooled Dubai
WHAT: This 30-minute class will test your balance as it involves stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) combined with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Beginners are welcome but basic swimming skills are recommended. Each participant’s paddle board is locked into a dock before you begin a circuit of exercises. Windy days will make it more challenging as the waves move your board around while you try to complete moves like mountain climbers, squats, burpees and stomach crunches. watercooleduae.com

2 WHERE: Aquaspin at Fairmont, The Palm
WHAT: If you’re a fan of spinning but want to go easy on your knees, Aquaspin might just be the ideal option for you. This 45-minute class on bikes submerged under water begins with a few warm-up exercises before the instructor leads participants through three phases of cycling with increasing intensity. Tricep dips, push-ups, leg lifts and stomach crunches are thrown in to give you a full-body workout. fairmont.com

3 WHERE: Hydrokombat by Fitness First
WHAT: This high-energy class unites boxing and martial arts with the added resistance of water for a fun, 45-minute cardio workout. Set to upbeat music, the instructor (who stays out of the pool) will take you through a circuit of punches – jab, cross and uppercut – as well as leg workout comprising front, side, roundhouse and back kicks. Workouts keep changing, so it never gets boring. Special gloves are provided, so all you have to do is show up in your swimwear. fitnessfirstme.com

WHAT: The idea behind Float’s classes is to use your balance, core strength and flexibility to stay on the board instead of falling into the water – although that can be entertaining! Classes are either HIIT- or yoga-based, or a mix of both. In a mixed class, you’ll be doing a series of balancing table poses, downward dogs and side planks before moving on to tackle mountain climbers, leg raises, push-ups and squats. The final move involves balancing on one leg and is usually a sure-fire way to get everyone laughing. 

5 WHERE: Aqua Zumba at Dubai Ladies’ Club
WHAT: Get set to move your body in time with lively beats in a pool that overlooks the sea at this high-energy zumba class. Although this cardio workout is slower than its on-land counterpart, the added resistance from the water will challenge you as you try to replicate the instructor’s smooth salsa and rumba moves in the pool. Don’t worry about being coordinated, the idea is to enjoy yourself and get in a low-impact workout. dubailadiesclub.com