Let There Be Light

Light therapy promises to brighten your skin and promote a sense of wellbeing. Here's a roundup of three such treatments
Photobiomodulation Therapy
Photobiomodulation Therapy
September 19, 2019
By Karen D'Souza

Deesse Pro LED Mask

A facial at a spa can be a pampering experience. Combine it with an LED (light emitting diode) mask treatment and you’re sure to come away feeling like a million dollars. With my sensitive skin, I’ve always been careful about the products used on my face, but the spa manager at Willow Stream Spa assured me that the Deesse Pro LED mask suits all skin types. It also promises excellent results for those suffering from acne or dull and tired-looking skin.
The LED mask is usually combined with a HydraFacial treatment for a 45-minute-long session. In my case, however, a customised corrective facial with Kerstin Florian products was recommended by the therapist. Once my skin was cleansed and massaged, I received 15 minutes of low light therapy (LLT) with the mask placed on my face. The therapist explained that the Deesse Pro LED mask emits clinically proven wavelengths of light in safe, therapeutic doses that span eight treatment modes – blue light, she added, works well for acne-prone skin.
While I was initially sceptical about the potential benefits of light therapy, after the treatment the results were noticeable: my skin looked brighter and felt soothed.

Where: Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont, The Palm, Dubai

Cost: DHS 300 for 30 minutes, DHS 700 for HydraFacial + Deesse Pro LED Mask

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Photobiomodulation Therapy

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at the Hundred Wellness Centre on a quiet Saturday afternoon. Natural light filtered in from the ceiling-to-floor windows, complementing the centre’s white and beige décor. I was shown to a treatment room in which stood what looked like a tanning bed. Before the session began, I donned a pair of protective glasses. The
therapist recommended exposing as much skin to the light as you’re comfortable with, for maximum benefits.
Photobiomodulation therapy, also known as light bed therapy, uses low-level light or LEDs (light emitting diodes). These activate tissues in the body to promote repair and regeneration, and reduce pain, especially from neuro-muscular conditions, inflammation or sports-related injuries. They also generate an overall sense of wellbeing in the body.
I could sense the colour of the light changing several times, even with my eyes shut. As my therapist explained after the treatment, red, green or yellow lights can be used to treat specific conditions. For general therapeutic purposes, however, and to maximise the benefits of the treatment, all the colours are used. It takes up to six 15-minute sessions for visible results, but after just one session, I was left with a deep sense of calm.

Where: The Hundred Wellness Centre, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

Cost: DHS 175 for 10-15 minutes, package of five for DHS 145 per session

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Iyashi Dome

This treatment is based on a traditional Japanese custom known as Suno Ryoho, in which practitioners bury themselves in sand near hot springs to rid their bodies of toxins. Iyashi Dome therapy uses infrared rays within a domed casing to stimulate the elimination of toxins and heavy metals from the body.
I had been instructed to hydrate myself well before arriving at L’Atelier Aquafitness, and to eat no less than 30 minutes before the session. When I arrived, I took a quick shower and then proceeded inside the dome, where I lay face down. The infrared light radiated heat across my body and I enjoyed the meditative silence of the dome. After 15 minutes, the therapist returned to help me turn onto my back for the rest of the session. The heat opened every pore of my skin and I was sweating profusely by the end of the treatment. If the heat gets too much for you, you can ask your therapist to turn it down a notch.
Some reports claim that this therapy burns up to 600 calories an hour. I had no idea how many calories I actually burnt, but my skin felt incredibly soft after the session. Once you’ve left the dome, it’s advisable to relax for a few minutes with a glass of water, to rehydrate and give your body time to adjust.

Where: L’Atelier Aquafitness, Al Safa 1, Dubai

Cost: DHS 280 per session, DHS 1,300 for five sessions

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