Leave no stone unturned: All the wonderful ways to use the stone fruit you can find in store

13 special recipes with stone fruit

From the savoury to the sweet, these gems have everything covered

Plums, nectarines, peaches and apricots are deliciously versatile in salads, barbecued with chicken, or in a crunchy slaw with curried fish, while in desserts creamy partners (labneh, burrata, ricotta), nuts and honey offset the sweet-tart nature of these to perfection.

Sweet stone fruit stacks

These ingenious little stacks are made with white and yellow nectarines and peaches, brioche, mint, basil and orange: light, refreshing and very, very moreish.

Roasted chicken and plum traybake

Stone fruit pair perfectly with savoury ingredients too, adding sweet and tart flavours to the mix. This traybake takes just 5 minutes to prepare, plus a bit of marinating.

Cinnamon-roasted stone fruit with whipped honey ricotta

Roasting stone fruit – we’ve used nectarines, plums and apricots – intensifies their luscious flavour and concentrates their sweetness. Just add something creamy and you’re set.

Apricot chilli lamb shoulder with roasted nectarine, fennel and feta salad

Here’s a double whammy. Sticky apricot jam is used as a glaze for the meat, while the slightly charred nectarines bring out a caramelised sweetness in the salad. Delicious.

Marinated peaches and honey cream

Drenched in a lemon and cinnamon syrup then griddled… this easy recipe brings out the best in ripe peaches.

Curried sea bass tacos with passion fruit, mango and nectarine slaw

Stone fruit are great in a slaw, with crunchy cabbage and other tart fruit such as mango and passion fruit. Here, it’s the ideal complement to curried fish in a crispy taco.

Plum crumble with almond granola topping

Classic plum crumble is given 21st-century treatment with a nutty granola topping, made from oats, pumpkin seeds, almonds, dates and apple.

Burrata, stone fruit and bresaola salad with herb dressing

Creamy burrata, salty bresaola and juicy-sweet peaches combine brilliantly in our Italian-inspired salad

Apricot, aniseed and vanilla granita

Got a glut of fresh apricots? This unusual granita is a refreshing and fruitful way to end a meal on a light note.

Plums with cinnamon almond butter, honey and labneh

With just a handful of ingredients and featuring the classic plum and almond combo, this should be your next go-to light and healthy dessert, ready in 10.

Asian crab and nectarine salad

A lovely Asian-inspired salad bursting with zingy flavours such as chili, ginger, lime and fish sauce. The addition of nectarines offsets the crab to perfection.

Spatchcocked Caesar chicken with peach and parmesan salad

Peaches or nectarines are star performers in our yummy barbecued salad of chicken, griddled bread and lettuce.

Roasted hazelnut, plum and berry galette

This gorgeous galette is baked in the oven, which brings out the full flavours of the fruit – here, we’ve used plums with mixed berries, topped with ice cream to serve.