A few resolutions that you may *actually* be able to stick to. What’s on your list for 2018?

10 Foodie New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

At a loss for ideas this year? Not anymore.

1. Be more environmentally conscious

The easiest way to do is this to use less plastic – carry around a recyclable coffee cup and water bottle you can refill. When food shopping, look out for loose fruit and veg, where possible. You can also purchase one of our re-usable watermelon bags in store! .

2. Value your health

Switch your focus to white meat, fish, fruit, grain and vegetables this year, and reduce your intake of pizza, chocolate and fizzy drinks. Browse our site for salads, fish, seafood and chicken.

3. Eat local

The ‘Naturally I’mperfect’ range of fruit and veg at Spinneys is full of local produce that looks less than perfect but tastes fantastic. Which brings us to our next point…

4. Reduce your food waste

Every year a third of the world’s food – mostly fruit and veg – is wasted – you can help by planning your menus and meals more carefully. That way, you won’t buy lots of food that you just end up throwing away (saving money as well as the planet!).

5. Make time for cooking

It’s relaxing, so well worth setting aside a Saturday afternoon for a bit of home cooking or baking, especially if you have children, who will love getting in on it too! You’ll be giving them useful life skills at the same time. Have a look at our Family & Kids section for ideas and inspiration.

6. Eat more veg

Increasingly, a plant-based diet is advised for health and longevity, especially as we get older. Aim for at least five a day and look out for new products in store – romanesco cauliflowers, Fashion watermelon without seeds and juicy-sweet ClemenGolds are all exciting additions to the fruit and veg aisles.

7. Eat breakfast

It’s the worst meal to skip as it sets you up for your daily tasks and mental alertness at work. Even if you don’t want much, fruit and yogurt is better than nothing, or whizz up a superfood smoothie.

8. Learn new tricks

Our Learn to Cook section has step-by-step recipes, allowing you to conjure up the most magical desserts, cakes and mains, from gorgeous granola to show-stopping cakes, while novice cooks will love Back to Basics, where you can master sauces, stock, pesto and pizza.

9. Make family mealtimes count

We’re all rushing around and busier than ever, but with the help of our Cook it Tonight recipes you’ll never be at a loss for what to whip up on a Wednesday night.

10. Banish the nasties

At Spinneys we are committed to providing food that’s as close to natural as possible, with no added hormones in our meat or saturated fats in our bakery. Get used to reading labels…