Local Goodness

We believe in supporting local producers. Here, we highlight a few suppliers who help us bring goodness from the land and sea to your plate


Al Dahra 
Abu Dhabi-based food producer Al Dahra is a leader within agribusiness, producing 33,000 litres of fresh milk from 1,400 dairy cows per day. Currently supplying a varied range of fresh local premium cheese including feta, labneh, baladi and halloumi, the company is currently in the process of expanding its operations. Working with strategic partners, it is spearheading the UAE government’s long-term agenda to execute its food security and water preservation programme.

Arabian Delights
Arabian Delights Chocodate was born from an idea of using local ingredients by founder Fawaz Masri, who was attempting to explore different options for a new product. The company is owned by Notions Group, an innovative and regionally recognised Dubai-based group of businesses that specialise in the manufacturing, local and regional distribution, global export and marketing of a diverse range of unique savoury snacks and confectionery items. 

As the world’s first professional camel dairy, Camelicious’ mission is to run and maintain a creative and sustainable farm and produce high-quality products, which include a range of pasteurised camel milk, flavoured camel milk, laban, coffee camel milk drinks and camel milk powder. Another world first comes from its sister company, Al Nassma Chocolate LLC, a local camel-milk chocolate factory based in Dubai. The company produces chocolate which contains up to 50 per cent less fat and up to five times more vitamin C than cow’s milk.  

Fish Farm
Founded in 2013, Fish Farm is a pioneering aquaculture business headquartered in Dubai. The company, which comprises facilities in Jebel Ali and Dibba, aims to minimise the effect it has on the environment as it supplies sustainable seabass, seabream and hammour to Spinneys. Farming local species allows Fish Farm to use its resources to help relieve the pressure on our regional fish stocks and to support the community. 

Fit Fresh 
Dubai-based company Fit Fresh supplies a variety of fresh and cold-pressed juices to Spinneys. It keeps things local, growing up to 30 per cent of its raw produce to order and delivering direct, using its own chilled distribution system. The company was set up in 2004 and benefits from high regional demand for healthy alternatives to soft drinks made from premium-quality fruits and vegetables.

Spinneys UAE Farmers Club
The Spinneys UAE Farmers Club is devoted to driving and developing better sustainable farming production standards in the UAE. It comprises eight growers and producers who have been accredited by at least one international awarding body, with four of these members gaining certification under the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), making them our local organic producers of choice. They are: Organic Oasis, supplying our organic watermelons and cucumbers; Al Rawafed Agriculture Organic Farm, located 45 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi, growers of spinneysFOOD Organic Figs, Tomatoes, Capsicums and Cherry Tomatoes; Dar Al-Fateh, whose produce includes organic marrows, green beans, eggplants and cabbages; and Integrated Green Resources UAE (IGR), utilising both open-air and greenhouse farming, supplying our delicious spicy red chillies. Only farmers who meet our strict guidelines for quality, freshness, food security and sustainability are invited to the club.