Creative Crafts

Try one of these ideas to make learning about the importance of Ramadan fun and enjoyable for children

Ramadan Calendar

    Paper doilies
    Sticky tape
    Gold wrapping paper
    Blue and white serviettes
    Brown baking paper
    Gold ribbon
    Navy blue ribbon
    Paper clip
    Old frame, board, mirror or any other surface that works as a mount

    1 Cut the doilies up into 30 strips. 2 Think of 30 educational activities you and your child can do during Ramadan and write one activity on each doily (see below for ideas). 3 Using the gold wrapping paper, blue and white serviettes and brown baking paper, wrap these notes up individually. 4 Decorate the envelopes with ribbons and lable them according to the dates of Ramadan. 5 Hang them up using string and paper clips on a standing surface. 6 Open one every day during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Moon-sighting binoculars

    Coloured cellophane from any used packaging
    Project glue
    2 empty cardboard roll holders
    1 Waitrose serviette, with blue star pattern 
    Sticky tape
    1 navy blue ribbon
    1 gold ribbon
    Cardboard or paper

    WHAT TO DO: 
    1 Cut 2 circular shapes out of your cellophane. 2 Glue these circles over one end of each cardboard roll holder. 3 Wrap each holder with the serviettes and secure with sticky tape. 4 Using the glue, stick the sides of the holders together. 5 Measure the navy blue ribbon so that it can hang comfortably around a child’s neck, holding the binoculars in the correct position. 6 Using the stapler, secure the ribbon on the inside of both holders. 7 Decorate the binoculars with glitter, gold ribbon and a moon shape cut out of paper or cardboard.


Candle Jars

    Selection of gift tissue paper
    Project glue
    Empty glass food jars (label removed and bottle cleaned)
    Tealight candles

1 Tear tissue paper into small pieces that will fit onto the jars. 2 Paint the surface of the glass jar with project glue. 3 Layer the tissue paper directly onto the glass jars, overlapping layers. This will create a stained-glass effect when the candles are lit. 4 Paint another layer of glue over the top to harden the tissue paper and to make it appear glossy. 5 Once dry, place the tealight in the jar, light and enjoy.


Tin punch lanterns

    A variety of tinfoil containers 
    Printed image of mosque that fits inside a tinfoil container
    Wooden skewer
    Gold ribbon
    Project glue
    Moon and star party paper plates
    Gold wrapping paper

WHAT TO DO:1 Take the image of the mosque and place it on the inside of the tinfoil container. 2 Using the wooden skewer, punch holes through the paper and foil along the outline of the mosque (this should create the outline of the mosque with dots on the outside of the foil container). 3 Using the skewer, punch two holes on the side of the container and thread the gold ribbon through these holes. 4 Secure the ribbon to create a handle. 5 Decorate the lantern using cut-out stars and moons from the party plates and stick these down with the glue. 6 Cut out stars and moon shapes from the gold wrapping paper and stick down with the glue. 7 Decorate with glitter.


*30 fun activities for you and your children this Ramadan

  1. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Walk-in tours are operated daily and are free to members of the public. You can check the website for specific times.
  2. Read stories about Ramadan during bedtime. There are plenty of kid’s books to delight and educate children on the Holy Month. They also make great gifts, too!
  3. Ramadan is a fantastic time to do more good deeds. Make a chart and record one good deed a day. This could be anything from assisting an elderly neighbour with their shopping or giving a kind compliment to a friend.
  4. Prepare an iftar meal for your friends and family – see this month’s Spinneys Guide to Ramadan for our Fast Feast ideas.
  5. Ramadan Sharing Fridges is back this year! See the Facebook page to find your nearest local fridge, pop along and donate food for the labourers in your area.
  6. Visit the Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Centre for Understanding and take a heritage tour through Al Fahidi, one of the oldest traditional Emirati neighbourhoods in Dubai. You will visit Diwan Mosque and then head back to the centre for a Q&A session, where you can learn about Arabic culture and ask questions about the Holy Month. You could also join their traditional iftar, ideal for tourists and residents alike who wish to gain a deeper understanding about the tradition of fasting and the foods associated with Ramadan. Advanced booking is required:
  7. Decorate your windows (much like you might for other traditional holidays) by cutting out star and moon shapes from coloured tissue paper and sticking these with tape to the glass. They will create a pretty stained glass affect after sundown when the lights are on.
  8. Learn a few Arabic phrases to greet your friends or teachers throughout Ramadan. A few examples are:
    Ramadan Mubarak - Blessed Ramadan
    Ramadan Kareem - Happy / generous Ramadan
    Iftar Shahy - Have a good iftar
    Mubarak aleik al shahr - May you get the blessings of the month
  9. Have a bit of foodie fun and create Ramadan-themed treats – see The Spinneys Guide to Ramadan for our tasty ideas!
  10. Give back this Ramadan by volunteering. Check out the charitable organisations listed under Volunteering on and see how you can get involved.
  11. As well as fasting and charity work, gratitude also plays an important in Ramadan. Try and think of one thing you are grateful for each morning.
  12. Bring out your artistic side – If you visit a mosque this Ramadan (for example, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) you will see the tile patterns have stunning shapes and colours; see if you can create your own beautiful geometric designs.
  13. Start your evening meal with a date. Dates are traditionally eaten by Muslims to break their fast. If you are not fasting, why not observe the tradition by starting your dinner with a date.
  14. Have a clear out and donate any clothes you no longer want to a clothes bank.Many of the clothes banks send donated items to the Emirates Red Crescent, who in turn give clothes in good condition to those in need.
  15. Support a local initiative, donate books and pick up a book on Islam all in one go at The Old Library; a not-for-profit, volunteer-run, library based in Mall of the Emirates:
  16. Prepare a traditional Emirati meal for your loved ones, such as Thareed or Harees, a recipe for which can be found in The Spinneys Guide to Ramadan.
  17. Hand out iftar-in-a-jar gifts to workers in your area – see The Spinneys Guide to Ramadan for details.
  18. Offer to help a neighbour with a task like tidying their garden or offering a helping hand.
  19. Reach out and make a new friend at school, perhaps someone you haven’t talked to before.
  20. If you know an elderly person in your community spend an afternoon keeping them company and ask them stories of their life. They will appreciate the companionship and you might learn something interesting about them.
  21. Create a Ramadan word search; look up terms associated with Ramadan and create a fun puzzle. Ask a friend or sibling to do one as well and each swap to give the other’s a try.
  22. Make your own chocolate-dipped dates – you can put them in a pretty gift box to give to a friend, if there are any left.
  23. Take a trip to the desert or the beach, pack an iftar picnic, and watch the sun go down together before you feast on your goodies.
  24. Make an extra special effort to be kind to your siblings this month; help them with a school project or play a game together.
  25. Spend more time together as a family, make time for dinner– being with loved ones is very important during Ramadan.
  26. Create beautiful tea-light holders by reusing old glass jars, perhaps to decorate your iftar table with – see The Spinneys Guide to Ramadan for our handy instructions.
  27. Try making your own Arabic coffee. Find out how coffee is deeply rooted in Emirati tradition in The Spinneys Guide to Ramadan.
  28. Prepare a traditional suhoor dish (see The Spinneys Guide to Ramadan), wake up before sunrise to eat, and then watch the sun come up for the day.
  29. Make a traditional Ramadan lantern, with card and brightly coloured tissue paper and hang it up with string. Why not place fairy lights behind it for an added twinkly affect?
  30. Arabic calligraphy is considered an art form in the Arab world. Dive into the world of this beautiful tradition by visiting a calligraphy centre such as the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum. Their Calligraphy Biennial event is happening now until 2nd June, showcasing the art of some of the best calligraphers from across the globe.