The harvest festival of Onam is here

Celebrate with traditional ingredients and dishes

Kurukku kalan

This Keralite dish is made with yogurt or curds, coconut and plantain or yams and is distinctive due to its texture and sour flavour. No Onam sadhya (feast) is complete without kalan.

Spinneys says As it’s very thick and concentrated, small quantities of kalan are mixed with rice then eaten.


An essential part of sadhya, avial is made up of mixed vegetables such as yams, Indian bananas, snake gourd and cucumbers, cooked with ground coconut and curry leaves.

Spinneys says It might be simple, but with avial it’s important to cut all the vegetables to the same size and proportion. Get the recipe for avial here.

Palada pradhaman

This delicious dessert is made by simmering rice ada in milk, sugar and cardamom and is especially popular during Onam. It’s even tastier topped with raisins and fried cashews.

Spinneys says If you don’t have time to prepare palada pradhaman from scratch, use Suhana's easy ready-prepared mix – you can find it in store.