Va-va-shroom: How well do you know your mushrooms?

Wild things, you make our food sing

Earthy, versatile and ever-so-tasty, now is the time to get better acquainted with fabulous fungi:

1. Field

A familiar favourite, field mushrooms have plenty to offer. Sear them in hot, foaming butter with lemon and parsley, then add to risottos, stir through pasta or pile on to toast.

2. Enoki

These long, thin mushrooms, with cute little caps, originate from Japan and have a fantastic taste that feels right at home in Asian dishes: simmer them in miso broths and toss in stir-fries.

3. King oyster

A meaty mushroom if ever there was one. They have a distinctive savoury edge and a firm texture that stands up well to high heat – try grilling them whole or dipping in tempura batter and frying.

4. Purple knight

The colour might be suggestive of deadly nightshade, but these mushrooms are perfectly safe to eat (and delicious, too). Try roasting or grilling them with garlic and herbs.

5. Chanterelle

Trumpet-shaped, honey-hued chanterelles need to be treated gently. Let their delicate, fruity notes shine in simple recipes.

DID YOU KNOW? All these mushrooms are sold loose, so you can make your own pick ‘n’ mix selections.


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