A simple menu for two using ClemenGold mandarins

One golden ingredient, three different ways

When it comes to mandarins, ClemenGolds set the bar very high indeed. These bright orange beauties are easy to peel, practically seedless and have fabulously juicy flesh. As well as being a tasty, healthy snack, they’re great in sweet and savoury dishes. Look, we’ll show you – here’s an easy menu for two:


ClemenGold, feta and pomegranate salad

Slice 3 ClemenGolds into rounds and arrange on a plate with crumbled Dodoni Feta, spinneysFOOD Coriander Leaves and spinneysFOOD Pomegranate Jewels.


Chilli lamb kebabs with ClemenGold quinoa

Cook spinneysFOOD Chilli Lamb Kebabs in a griddle pan according to pack instructions. While they rest, slice 6 spinneysFOOD Celery Sticks and 4 ClemenGolds and gently fold through the quinoa salad. Serve with the kebabs.


Labneh with ClemenGolds, figs and honey

Spoon Pinar Labneh onto a large plate and swirl with the back of a spoon. Slice 2 ClemenGolds into rounds and quarter 4 figs. Arrange on top of the labneh and drizzle generously with Al-Ameen Honey with Almonds.

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