8 recipes that make citrus fruit the star of the show

Smoothies, salads, snacks and more

Oranges, clementines and mandarins are little bundles just bursting with goodness. Packed with nutrients like vitamin C (great for your immune system) and potassium (helping to lower blood pressure) these tasty rays of sunshine are due a round of applause. Fragrant – if someone’s snacking on one, you’re sure to know about it – and versatile, they make the following recipes truly shine:

A morning drink

Every breakfast spread needs a fresh fruit beverage and this orange and lime juice is a real eye-opener.

A glaze for meat

Make your next meaty meal even better with a fruity coating – see what we mean with this orange-glazed confit duck with champ and veg, a main that’s sure to impress dinner guests.

A sweet lunch

Citrus gives salads an even lighter edge – if you’ve had a few days of heavy eating, opt for a smoked salmon and clementine bagel salad.

A traditional dessert

Clementine drizzle cake is a family favourite that’s as simple to make as it is to eat. If you’re tasked with appealing to a variety of picky tastes, this classic cake will lend a helping hand.

A healthy salad

Cutting fruit into fun shapes encourages little ones to finish their portion – expect this melon, orange and blueberry bowl to be gobbled all up.

A cool smoothie

Blended fruit makes for nutritious drinks that help you on your way to your 10-a-day.  Mango and orange smoothie pots are the ideal size for kids’ lunchboxes (just include a freezer pack to keep them cool).

A DIY jelly

You might fall on the cake or biscuit side of the debate, but one thing is clear: Earl Grey and clementine jaffa cakes are not the same without a citrus jelly at their centre.

A simple snack

Oranges, mandarins and clementines are ripe for eating on-the-go. Ever thought about dunking them into chocolate? That’s a whole different ball game (and one you should play).

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