6 ways to use spinneysFOOD greens (that aren't salad!)

Greens are a lot more versatile than you may think

Salad – just saying the word makes us feel healthy. But regardless of its understated charm, there are certain times when a leafy plate just won’t cut it. On those occasions, it’s useful to know the true versatility of mixed leaves, baby spinach, rocket and baby chard so that you can reap the nutritional benefits while still feasting on your favourite grub:

Add to eggs

Transform the breakfast staple with a splash of colour – garnish indulgent scrambled eggs with smoked mackerel with rocket for a slight hit of pepper or use up wilting vegetables in spinach, sage and parmesan baked eggs; poached eggs could always use a bed of leaves, like these pea, spring onion and spinach potato cakes.

Stir through soup

Switch up your next soup (we love this mushroom and spinach dumpling recipe) by throwing in chard or spinach; the extra veg will take you one step further on your 10-a-day quest and round the dish off in a wholesome way.

Mix into pasta or grains

Pasta bakes, rice dishes and healthy bowls are all brilliant excuses to add greens – especially for kids with picky taste buds. Try mixing spinach into your next macaroni cheese or stir handfuls of chard into a tuna and watermelon grain bowl.

Bulk up your sandwich

Use up delicate leaves in sarnies, like this chicken schnitzel sandwich with avocado and tomato salsa, gourmet fish finger sandwich or New York sub. If you’re trying go light on the carbs, opt for griddled courgette with rocket, chilli and sourdough breadcrumbs – the blitzed slices give the dish a heartier texture.

Make a salsa

Roughly chop your greens and combine with ingredients like chilli, oil, shallots, herbs or lemon and lime zest – this serves as the perfect accompaniment to proteins. For a light side dish, sautée baby chard and garlic – add fresh thyme, parsley and season with black pepper, if you like.


Blended drinks never fail to deliver on goodness. Rocket gives these pear and rocket smoothies a real kick – we’re talking enough to get you out of bed in the morning – while spinach provides a super dose of iron and protein in green smoothie bowls.

The spinneysFOOD range of salad leaves include mixed greens, baby spinach, rocket and baby chard and are just waiting for you in store.