10 winning recipes for the barbecue

Grill in style this Braai Day (with more than just meat)

South African Heritage Day (or Braai Day, as it’s affectionately known) is a public holiday that celebrates unity in a diverse country. And how do South Africans celebrate? They set up a barbecue (braai), invite a few friends over and enjoy a day in the sunshine. For the rest of us, it’s a chance to join in with the festivities and show how much we love a good ol’ barbecue. Here are a few recipes to get the grill going:

Chilli barbecue ribs with grilled squash

What’s the one dish synonymous with hearty barbecue eating? Ribs. We’re talking fall-off-the-bone, mouth-watering, can’t-get-enough-of-you marinated meat. Napkins at the ready, this offering is one deliciously messy affair.

Charred mushroom, lemon and parsley salad with garlic parmesan croutons

A vegetarian main that works just as well as a side dish to meat or fish. A bit of zest never hurt anyone, especially when paired with punchy garlic. This dish has all the makings of a true salad-superstar.

Sumac and garlic barbecue tiger prawns with zaatar cucumber

With their meaty texture and grab-off-the-grill style of eating, tiger prawns were made for the barbecue (and we can guarantee they’ll be gone in seconds).

Chicken and apple skewers

These skewers have the sweet-savoury balance down to a tee with hints of cinnamon and softened apple. Pair with a light leafy salad like this spinach, rocket cucumber, dried apricot and pecan salad.

Beef hot dogs with onion rings and and mango and chilli pickle

How do you like to top your dogs? Well, a little bit of heat and a taste of the tropics should do.

Barbecued roast chicken

If you’re entertaining, go the whole hog and cook an entire bird – allow the meat to steal the show with simple flavours on the side. We’re talking a baby potato salad or grilled asparagus, corn and romaine salad.

Grilled baby gem and corn salad with goats’ cheese

Change things up and cook your greens on the grill – baby gem lettuce works particularly well, and it takes on a charred flavour that’ll knock it up a notch from your average leaf.

Soy-glazed prawn skewers with chilled soba noodles

Looking for a lighter main? Low-fat noodles make for a healthy addition to any Braai Day spread (and are great bed for salty prawns).

Romesco lamb racks with grilled asparagus

This Spanish red pepper dip is delightful when lathered onto hearty cuts of meat like lamb.

Garlic and ginger pulled lamb

There’s something truly magnificent about slow-cooked meat – four hours of slow cooking, to be exact – finished off on the grill. Enjoy sandwiched between spinneysFOOD Brioche Buns.

Barbecued ribeye roast

And the prize for the ultimate barbecue legend goes to this beauty. Trust us, your spread won’t be complete without it.

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