10 recipes that will reaffirm your love for burgers

Because they’re nothing short of perfection (in case you forgot)

There’s nothing you can say about burgers that will shake our love for them. The idea is a simple one: a bun, a patty and a condiment (or two). They’re so great countries are desperate to claim the burger as their own (read about the famous Hamburg versus America burger battle here). Regardless of how picky an eater may be, it’s safe to say that there’s a burger out there for everyone – you just have to find it:

The lower-fat one

Watching the calories? Turkey burgers will help. With leafy green spinach, a hint of cumin and a lean patty, this is one meal you can enjoy guilt-free.

The Middle Eastern-inspired one

Looking for a flavour explosion? Harissa’s your spice, and these lamb and lentil burgers prove it are no exception. If it’s a bit too hot to handle the addition of minted yogurt is bound to cool things down.

The vegetarian one

Whoever said that meatless burgers weren’t the real thing? This recipe shows that vegetarian patties are just as good (if not better). Meet the portobello mushroom burger with kale crisps and tzatziki. You’re welcome.

The tropical one

Looking for sunshine on a plate? These prawn and mango burgers with pickled ginger and cucumber slaw are sure to tickle your fancy.

The indecisive one

How do you choose between scallops or steak? It’s tricky, we know. But no problem is too difficult to solve – allow us to introduce the ultimate surf and turf burger.

The ‘I-should-be-having-salad’ one

There are times when your head says salad but your heart says nope. The solution? The Caesar beef burger.

The 25-minute one

When hunger strikes and you’re in a hurry go for beef burgers with orange and shallot gremolata.

The smokin’ one

Rich, rewarding flavours on a bun built for the grill? Yes please. Say hello to smoky chicken burgers with tomato salad.

The Hawaiian one

Salmon burgers with griddled pineapple and citrus slaw will fill your belly with happiness and your head with dreams of sand and sea.

The I-have-a-date-with-mates one

If you’re expecting a few friends at yours this slider burger bar is an easy way to cater for a variety of tastes (and means you won’t have to spend time serving guests).

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