Know your apples? Pink Lady vs Granny Smith

Two fruits whose flavour and texture are hard to beat – and so easy to enjoy

Pink Lady

A variety loved by people of every age, this is the apple of all our eyes

Hi! How does one become a Pink Lady?

First, one needs to be a Cripps Pink apple, which is a cross breed of the Lady Williams and Golden Delicious varieties.

And that ancestry is important?

It makes us who we are – the firm texture and long shelf life are typical traits of a Lady Williams, while our sweetness is a classic feature of Golden Delicious apples.

Then what?

To take the final step you need to ace a series of tests for ideal sugar content, firmness and colour.

Becoming a Pink Lady sounds hard.

Not for us. We passed with flying colours.

How old are you?

It’s impolite to ask a lady her age.

Excuse our manners. What’s the key to your popularity?

Consistency. A Pink Lady apple tastes just the same today as it did 40 years ago.

So you’re 40?

We’ve been around for a while... but like we were saying – we’re reliably good. Bright sharpness from our skin followed by sweet, juicy flesh – that’s always been our trademark.

Describe yourself in six words.

So much more than an apple.

Granny Smith

We talk about the past (and pie) with one of the wisest, most classic apples around

Hello, Granny Smith. How old are…

Stop right there, boyo.

Stop right there, boyo.

We’ve lived through three centuries. That’s all you’re getting.

That’s a whole heap of harvests. You must be doing something right.

We like to think so. We’re a childhood favourite and when it comes to apples people tend to stick with what they know. But just because we’ve been here forever doesn’t mean we’ve nothing left to give.

What do you have to offer someone who’s never tasted you before?

Plenty. We’re ideal eaten fresh – this is especially true if you like your apples crisp and tart – and equally great baked. Our firm flesh means that we retain our shape during cooking.

We’re sold. Where’s your favourite place in the world?

On the windowsill of a kitchen, cooling down inside a freshly baked pie. And there must be custard.

Okay, that sounds amazing. But your least favourite spot?

Either in a fruit bowl, forgotten, or stored in the fridge. Sure, a cold apple might be nice and refreshing, but when it comes to flavour, fridge chill somewhat upsets the apple cart.

And the winner is...

The most crisp We can’t pick

Best for kids Pink Lady

The most versatile Granny Smith

For sweetest Pink Lady

For cooking Granny Smith

Our favourite Too close to call

How do you like these apples? Quite a lot, we hope. Head in store to see the full apple array in all its wonder.