How to… use the whole pumpkin this Halloween

It might make a mean face, but pumpkin’s got a softer side

When 31st October comes a-creeping, one ingredient casts us under its spell: the pumpkin. But its reputation for inhabiting doorsteps wearing nothing but a scary expression disguises its true bounty. Amidst the Halloween hype, the pumpkin’s flesh and seeds are often cast away to the bin, where their potential remains completely undiscovered. But this fright night, it’s time to waste less – here’s how to use the whole pumpkin:

Start by carving your Jack o’ Lantern, just like this:

Now, there’s all that flesh – here are a few suggestions for what to do with it:

Turn it into a salad

Roast pumpkin with rosemary, add it to a goats’ cheese salad with balsamic dressing and just like that you’ve got the perfect potion for lunchtime success.

Whip up a curry

Pumpkin is essentially an edible sponge – it soaks up all that delicious flavour. Combine with spices – choose from paprika, cumin, cardamom, garam masala (or whatever you have to hand) – and let it simmer away, just like we’ve done with this tiger prawn, pumpkin and spinach curry.

Pep up your pasta and rice

Pumpkin’s heartiness is ideal for richer dishes like cream-based pastas or a pumpkin and parmesan risotto.

Roast it

Cooking pumpkin in the oven brings out its natural flavour; enjoy as a side or let it shine on its own – we really love cumin and cinnamon roast vegetables.

Make a pud

Pumpkin is way more versatile than you may think – watch how it sparkles in desserts (just ask Thanksgiving). When an ingredient is as multi-talented as this one and proves its worth in both sweet and savoury treats, it’s one worth celebrating. Say hello to pumpkin pies.

And don’t forget the seeds! Here’s a few nifty tricks to use them up:

Packed with nutritional power, the pumpkin’s seeds are certainly not an ingredient to waste. For a simple snack – they also make for great salad and soup toppers – toast them and enjoy on the go. Looking for some breakfast inspiration? Try this jump-out-of-bed hazelnut granola, or these granola bites for the little one’s lunch box – the pumpkin seeds add that extra crunch.

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