31 vegetarian recipes for World Vegetarian Day

Stop what you’re doing – it’s time to throw a party for these nutritional superstars

Run a Google search for ‘food holidays’ and you’ll find one for every day of the year. Some ingredients have weeks dedicated to them, while a lucky few are given the honour of an entire month. But for us, one day deserves its place on calendars more than most – World Vegetarian Day. It’s the chance to parade veggies’ talents with a carnival of meat-free fare while paying homage to good health and a better environment.

But who is this day in aid for, we hear you ask. Vegetarians, yes, but let’s not stop at the 375 million individuals worldwide (in case you were wondering, India has the biggest percentage of vegetarians with a staggering 40-45%). There are plenty of ways we can all embrace more veggies (and for some, a little less meat). Flexitarians (read more about this way of eating here), reducetarians – devoted to cutting back on their meat consumption – or individuals who simply want to score extra nutritional points can all benefit from a few veg-heavy meals a week.

To commemorate this special occasion (we’re putting it on the birthday pedestal), here is a collection of recipes that say bye-bye to meat and hello to veggie bliss:

Vegetarian breakfast buns

Spicy vegetarian chilli wraps

Lentil and vegetable masala with dosa

Portobello mushroom burgers with kale crisps and beetroot tzatziki

Spiced spinach falafel and avocado hummus wraps

Rustic roasted vegetable tart

Sweet potato, feta and spinach filo parcels

Aubergines stuffed with chilli and feta risotto

Pearl barley, spiced carrot and beetroot salad with yogurt dressing

Red cabbage steaks with chestnut, goats’ cheese and thyme crumble

Vegetable rösti with eggs and feta

Mushroom and spinach dumpling soup

Griddled courgette carpaccio with chick pea salsa and pistachio dressing

Caramelised nectarine, asparagus and gorgonzola salad

Grilled baby gem and corn salad with goats’ cheese

Rosemary, *parmesan, mushroom and spinach waffle stacks

Roasted vegetable soup with crispy cannellini beans

Giant vegetable samosa

Grilled avocado, soy and sesame salad

Lentil and chick pea bolognese

Vine cherry tomato, red onion and goats’ cheese tart

Chilled broad bean soup with smoked paprika nuts

Spicy vegetable pakoras

New Zealand grain bowl

Broccoli, quails’ egg and soba noodle salad with soy-wasabi dressing

Kale hummus with spiralised beet salad

Pea, spring onion and spinach potato cakes with poached eggs

Gnocchi with asparagus and lemon cream sauce

Puy lentil, feta and tomato salad with pesto croutons

Roasted vegetable couscous salad with coriander yogurt

Quick veggie burrito bowls

And if you’re after even more veg-inspired recipes, click here.

*Remember some cheeses contain animal rennet. We recommend checking all labels properly before preparing these meals.