Stuck in a cooking rut? Switch things up with 10 new ways to use vegetables

There are loads of veggies out there (and even more ways to use them)

If there’s one thing in life you can always count on it’s the vegetable. Versatile, nutrient-rich and gloriously colourful, these humble ingredients represent good health, good feeling and good eating. But as with everything, cooking veggies can become tiresome and habitual. So, for those who are bored of boiling/roasting/blending them the same way, here are 10 new methods that unlock their potential:

Give them some bite

Sometimes you fancy a bit of crunch without having the calories to match.

Sumac kale crisps with butter bean, lemon and garlic dip

Put them into a dessert

Score nutritional points in the sweetest of ways (if only we knew that as kids).

Chocolate and aubergine loaf with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Mash them

Change their form – you have the power!

Carrot and chestnut mash with spiced chestnuts

Juice them

There’s a reason all the cool kids are doing it.

Rocket, pear, lemon and fennel juice

Turn them into a gratin

Simple. Easy. Delicious. Oh, and there might be leftovers.

Tomato, artichoke and cannellini gratin

Use them in soup

Say bye-bye to back-to-work blues with a warming bowl of goodness.

Simple minestrone soup

Place them on a pizza

Kids won’t eat their greens? Now they will… you’ll be thankful for a quiet life.

Sweetcorn and broccoli pizzas

...And one for the adults

Potato and broccoli pizzas with bresaola, truffle oil and egg

Put them in a pasty

Everything tastes better in pastry. Literally everything.

Mini vegetable pasties

Blitz them until they can’t blitz anymore

A quick whiz and makes for a truly beautiful dip.

Broad bean, tahini and lemon dip

Turn them into a relish

No picnic is complete without it.

Scotch eggs with piccalilli

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