When a cup just isn’t enough: 12 delicious coffee recipes

Can’t live without coffee? You won’t have to. Meet the new way to get your caffeine fix

The rich aromatic scent of a freshly made pot of coffee is enough to make even the most cosy of sleepers leap out of bed. Where would we be without our morning brew or that welcomed pick-me-up come the afternoon slump? But if a cup of the stuff isn’t enough (and, let’s face it, there’s always room for more coffee) here are 12 super recipes that’ll make you love it even more:

The savoury

Pulled chicken wraps with coffee barbecue sauce and Mexican sweetcorn salad
What’s better than barbecue sauce? Barbecue sauce with coffee, of course.

Sweet and smoky open Caesar BLT
A sarnie classic made all the more delicious with the added depth of rich roast. Oh, and did we mention it only takes 15 minutes to make? Winning!

Smoky slow-cooked chilli
The weather has taken on a dull fog, work has been stressful and traffic meant your journey home was half an hour longer than it needed to be. What do you want waiting for you with open arms? This slow-cooked bowl of goodness.

The sweet

White chocolate, coffee and cardamom truffles
The recipe when you’re feeling a little grandiose. Opulence and luxury go hand in hand with the chocolate truffle – enjoy with friends when you want to be fancy, darling.

Date, coffee and walnut ma’amoul
Perfect for an afternoon snack with a delightful cup of tea, these stuffed shortbread pastries are made for the combination of coffee, dates and walnuts.

Coffee, white chocolate and vanilla brûlées
They say there’s always room for dessert… we think they were talking about this one.

Churros with chocolate, coffee and chilli sauce
A Mexican classic is lifted to new heights with a punchy, chocolatey sauce. We challenge you to stop at one.

Chocolate espresso mousse with hazelnut milk foam
How do you turn espresso into an award-winning pud? Whisk to give it the fluffiest of textures and add chocolate for a deliciously rich taste.

Ultimate coffee cake
Get your caffeine-fix in the sweetest of ways with this light yet indulgent sponge. It looks even better with candles on top (any birthdays coming up?).

Chocolate, roasted hazelnut and espresso cookies
Timeless little rounds that have lasted the test of time, the combination of these three flavours will certainly score top marks in the taste test.

Mocha affogato with summer berries
You’ve got unexpected guests with a taste for something sweet. What do you do? Whip up an affogato in 10 minutes because you’re a culinary genius (with a simple recipe).

We can’t get enough of coffee and it seems neither can the rest of the world – find out how the popular drink is enjoyed around the globe. And if you thought it was merely created to be consumed from a mug, think again – there are a few ways to use coffee other than to drink it. If you want to truly put things to the test, head to your nearest store to pick up spinneysFOOD Coffee; the selection includes a dark Italian roast, single origin Ethiopian beans and a winning medium French blend among others.