Say hello to our ‘Naturally I’mperfect’ fruit and vegetable range

Five recipes that make fruit and veg ‘beasts’ beautiful

Here’s the ugly truth: some perfectly good, nutritious fruit and veg goes to waste because it doesn’t fit the bill of being easy on the eye. Cucumbers with abnormal curves and creases, potatoes that bump and bulge in mysterious ways. As part of our wider ongoing efforts to reduce food waste across the UAE, we want to change this. That’s why we’ve just introduced to stores our ‘Naturally I’mperfect’ range of misshapen fruits and vegetables.

While it's not much to look at and is unlikely to win many prizes in the beauty department, this produce's appeal runs deeper than the skin. It all tastes just as good, the nutritional values are just as high, the possibilities every bit as endless, as their more aesthetically blessed counterparts.

We’ve spoken elsewhere about the incomplete farm-to-fork journey of much odd-looking produce. Here our focus is on flavour and what the range offers from that perspective. Because once peppers or tomatoes or whatever it may be have been chopped, grated, stewed or roasted, you’ll be none the wiser that there’s misshapen produce deep within your dish.

This list seeks to celebrate the produce available in the range with recipes that don’t care a single jot if the fresh produce isn’t beautiful – that job is all theirs:

Roasted red pepper gazpacho with crème fraîche and basil

Pea, spring onion and potato cakes with poached eggs

Cucumber tzatziki

Tomato, mozzarella and black olive calzone

Chocolate and aubergine loaf with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

To learn more about our work with local producers, head in this direction. And for more ways to welcome the ugly ducklings of the fruit and veg world into your kitchen, take inspiration from our raft of vegetarian recipes.