QUIZ: Which deli salad is the one for you?

Struggling to decide what to have for lunch? Don't worry – we've done it for you

We’re slightly (if not completely) in love with our trusty deli. Packed with an assortment of delicious delights, it’s our saving grace come midday stomach grumbles. And because there’s so much on offer, we thought you might have trouble choosing – take our quiz to instantly match your foodie preferences with a winning deli dish. You’re welcome:

Breakfast comes in four shapes and sizes – which would be your choice?

A) Scrambled eggs

B) Oat, chia seed and buckwheat granola

C) Build-your-own breakfast board

D) Green smoothie bowls

It’s 3pm and hunger has struck – which snack is the snack for you?

A) Cheesy garlic bread bake

B) Sumac kale crisps with butter bean, lemon and garlic dip 

C) Mushroom vol-au-vent popcorn

D) Creamy mozzarella and chive dip

After a long day in the office, there’s only one way to make yourself feel better; a seriously scrumptious dinner. Which takes your fancy?

A) Steak with truffle chips and creamy mushroom sauce

B) Pan-fried salmon with beetroot and horseradish puree and candy beetroot salad

C) Earl Grey tea-poached chicken with buttered lemon rice

D) Crispy lamb, feta and olive orzo salad

Now it’s time for the good stuff. What pud should be your favourite (we’d have them all if we could)?

A) Baked vanilla cheesecake 

B) Nut and berry quinoa squares

C) Apricot, aniseed and vanilla granita

D) Crêpes with fennel sugar and lemon

Next time you grab lunch, you should choose:

Mostly As – Caesar salad

Tried and tested recipes are your forte; the longstanding classics, the backbones of the foodie world, the dishes you’re most likely to find on menus. Creamy dressings and sauces are your go-to, while you think anything tastes good with cheese on top. Some would say your choices are predictable, we say you’re clever – you know what tastes good, and that’s that. No. Fuss.

Mostly Bs – Kale, walnut and parmesan salad

You’re always keen to hop on the latest culinary trend. Remember the fascination with chia seeds? Quinoa? Avo toast? Oh course you do, you were probably the first person to incorporate them into your diet… and take a few #Instafood happy snaps. Popular kale and crunchy walnut means this nutritious salad is practically made for your plate and looks great overhead with a filter and some hashtags to boot.

Mostly Cs – Beetroot and sweet potato spiralised salad, Thai salmon spiralised salad, or carrot, courgette and nut spiralised salad

Veg is delicious but it’s even tastier when in the form of something else entirely. You might be a bit rebellious when it comes to food, trying new and inventive ways to enjoy it; a little bit of this, a little bit of that. By your standards, there is always more than one way to use an ingredient and always several ways to serve it. Sound familiar? Well, there are three curly wurly salads to choose from (based on your personality, we didn’t think one choice would suffice).

Mostly Ds – Greek salad

Fresh, light meals are your bag – flavours of the Mediterranean are your calling. You love to season, especially with herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice; in your eyes, you can never over do it and anyone that argues with that feta know better.