New-to-store Purina ONE®: the cat’s whiskers

Nestlé’s fantastic pet food, on Spinneys shelves now


Cat owners rejoice – Purina ONE®, the latest addition to our pet food selection is pretty purrfect. Developed by Purina’s nutritional experts, the range is tailored to specific kitty diets, contains top quality ingredients and tastes great, which means your fur babies will be happier and healthier than ever before.


In fact, Purina ONE® is so confident in their product that they’ve launched a ‘3 Week Challenge’ – see a visible difference in your cat’s overall health in just three weeks or get your money back*.


You’ll notice how quickly your cat learns to love Purina ONE® – the carefully balanced formula should increase vitality and energy levels and have them eating eagerly. Purina ONE® also contains chicory, a natural ingredient that improves intestinal health, as well as great sources of fibre, both of which assist with digestion. Essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help maintain a healthy skin, shiny coat and bright eyes.

The range of Purina One pet food, expert cat nutrition, is now available exclusively at your nearest Spinneys supermarket.

*Please read the Terms and Conditions on the Purina Arabia Facebook page.