Lunch made easy: a week’s worth from the Spinneys deli

When it comes to midday eating, we’ve done all the hard work for you

Healthy? Check. Easy? Check. Affordable? Check. All our salads are made fresh every day, so take the stress out of planning your work meals with the help of our deli.


Start your week with Greek… salad, that is. Crunchy, colourful, healthy and full of flavour, this is a classic that will satisfy all on its own. If you do want a more sizeable meal, top with griddled Tegel Mini Chicken Fillets (hello, protein boost!).

You can also stir canned pulses or cooked pasta through for a hearty lunch option, or if dinner is what you’re after use the salad to fill pittas with cooked, juicy spinneysFOOD Lamb Meatballs.


At Spinneys we like to be on trend, and our deli dishes are no different. Looking for a nutritional powerhouse? Tasty quinoa, pomegranate, feta and herb salad or kale, walnut and parmesan are both full of antioxidants and fibre.

Quinoa (a great source of potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium) also stars in the protein-charged roast chicken and cashew ensemble – to make this more substantial at dinnertime, add roasted vegetables or stir in canned chick peas.


Energy levels often flag midweek so give them a boost with a pretty plate of light and bright spiralised veggies. We’re talking twisty, twirly beetroot and sweet potato salad.

Take things up a notch by creating your own poke bowls – drizzle the vegetables with a little soy sauce and sesame oil and serve with avocado and sushi rice (a sprinkling of sunflower seeds on top will boost your vitamin E intake!).

Test the versatility of this new addition to stores with a nourishing bowl of soup – simmer chicken stock and add the spiralised veg with shredded rotisserie chicken – or stir things up by mixing with Yeo Valley Natural Yogurt, chopped chilli and lime juice for a stunningly simple slaw.


If a hearty lunch is what you’re after, take a trip to Italy with a gorgeous basil, pesto and farfalle salad – we like ours with a side of crusty bread. Pasta aficionados will also love the fiery hit of chilli garlic and linguine – mix with stir-fried crispy minced beef for a different take on spag bol.

Or perhaps a classic combination is calling your name? We’ve got a creamy potato salad that’s always a big hit (especially when paired with one of our ready-roasted rotisserie chickens).


Fresh flakes of salmon plus crunchy, vibrant veggies make this salad a real bargain (and that’s all anyone wants at the end of a long week, right?). Turn our Thai-inspired stunner into tonight’s dinner in just a few easy steps – toss wok-fried noodles with a soy-sesame dressing, arrange on a platter, top with the salad and finish with nuts, if you like.

Switch things up by adding a Mexican element to the mix – stuff the salad inside hard-shell tacos or roll it up in spinneysFOOD Wraps. You can also use it to make cute, bite-sized okonomiyaki patties or pair with wasabi mayo inside thick slices of our dense Norlander bread for a sandwich that’s a real revelation.

You can find all of these salad options (and more!) at the Spinneys deli counter.