Are you Ramadan Ready?

If you weren’t before, you will be now...

Ramadan should be a time for family, free from stress. So fill your freezer with beautiful food for sharing, prepare spice mixes ahead of time and stock up on a few essentials that will see your kitchen through the month.


Food at iftar should be a joy to look at and eat. Cooking in advance takes care of the former (as it frees up time for finishing touches), but should you need flavour – stat – spice mixes will save you. Keep these blends sealed in containers until duty calls.

  • Tagines are all about beautiful aromatics and a lovely balance of slight sweetness and heat. A spice blend of ground cinnamon, cumin, paprika, coriander and turmeric offers exactly this.
  • Kibbeh might look dainty, but these lamb mince bites need to be full of flavour. Check out this recipe, where the kibbeh mix is lifted by a heady trio of coriander, cinnamon and cumin.
  • Biryani sinks or swims on the balance of spices. Turmeric gives the rice that distinctive colour, chilli powder brings the kick that has everyone coming back for more, and cumin and garam masala are essential – we sell both ground and whole varieties.
  • Scent caster sugar with vanilla pods and cinnamon sticks (the flavour only gets better as time goes on). Then, should you be making baklava for iftar, simply reach into your cupboard for the fastest lift of flavour.


Pass the parcel

Make a sweet potato, kale and halloumi filling now, then wrap it in filo and keep safe in the freezer. When the time comes, sprinkle with sumac and bake for 20 minutes until the parcels are golden and your kitchen smells incredible.

Souper star

This harissa, lentil and vegetable soup is so simple. It’s just veggies, lentils, fiery harissa, stock and canned tomatoes, simmered until soft then blitzed until the whole becomes one. Freeze for a dish that’s a breeze to reheat and serve.

Play ball

Find a free hour to whip up cookie dough, roll into balls and freeze on trays. Then when needed – for guests and gifts – just bake. Here's how to make chocolate, tahini and sesame cookies and orange, date and walnut cookies.

There are more than a couple of products in store to help your on your way to hosting iftars with ease. Check out our iftar essentials list here.