8 questions with… Rockit apples

Rockits for your pockets: we talk to the ultimate snacking apple

When were you born?

We first hit shelves in 2010.

Come on. Seriously.

Seriously. We’re a new kind of apple – smaller, sweeter.

What took you so long?

It took about 20 years of all-natural testing and perfecting on sun-drenched New Zealand orchards to make us ready for the big wide world.

Worth the wait?

We like to think so.

What makes you so sure?

If you thought a regular apple was a convenient snack, just wait – we come in tubes, have a small core and very few seeds.

Your website says you have thin skin. Not a fan of insults?

Ha, no. We literally have a thin, bright red skin which makes us super-crunchy and appealing to kids.

Can you be cooked like regular apples?

Our crisp texture is at its best fresh, but sure you can cook us as well.

Sum yourself up in a sentence.

The sweetest thing that comes in the smallest package.

Rockit apples aren't just a stylish snack. They’re a salad’s best friend, too. Find the miniature marvels in Spinneys stores now.