8 questions with… chick peas

It’s time to get to know the ‘World’s Best Pulse’ (its words, not ours) a little better…

What are you?

We’re the world’s third-most widely harvested legume (and so often your saviour).

When did we first discover you?

About 9,000 years ago in Southwest Asia.

How do you like to keep busy?

We get out and about – on dinner tables (then in lunchboxes), in dip bowls at parties.

Dried or canned?

We have no preference, but as it’s 2017 we guess canned wins from the ‘fast food’ perspective.

Any nicknames?

Oh, everything from garbanzo bean to Bengal gram and Egyptian pea. Personally we like ‘World’s Best Pulse’.

That’s quite the claim. Back it up.

Our nutritional value (eat us and you’re getting great protein, iron and fibre) and versatility are unmatched.

Neat. If you could choose only one way to be used…

Just one? Let’s say hummus. That would be quite the way to be remembered, wouldn’t it?

Team player or star of the show?

Every now and then we don’t mind being the star, but we’re most comfortable playing a supporting role.

Are chick peas the ultimate storecupboard ingredient? We don’t know. But we do know they can be used in dozens and dozens of delicious ways.