8 of the only chicken recipes you’ll ever need

Explore the Tegel range with this collection of dishes

This month, we’re celebrating our partnership with poultry producer Tegel, a supplier as experienced and responsible as you could ever wish to find. We’ve done this by creating a raft of recipes tasked with making the range shine (nice work if you can get it): garlicky chicken thighs, oven-baked mini fillet dippers, exotic fruit salad that highlights part of the Meal Maker selection available in store.

This process did, naturally, leave us wanting plenty more where that came from, so we’ve compiled a bonus portion of dishes: weekend roasts and bowls of comfort, plus recipes for when your tight schedule calls for already-cooked chuck.

Whole chicken

Lemon roast chicken with red onions
There’s an ingredient that should be at the bottom of this recipe. Bread, and lots of it. Those chickeny, buttery, lemony, garlicky roasted juices aren’t going to mop up themselves, are they?

Spiced chicken with cucumber salad
Chicken is the perfect vehicle for oomphy flavours. Few recipes demonstrate that fact better than this one, where a whole bird is smothered in a spicy yogurt marinade before a spell in the oven.

Chicken breasts

Shish taouk skewers with honey garlic dipping sauce
There’s lots to love about this recipe. The bite-sized chunks of breast meat are coated in a marinade that packs plenty of welly, and it’s cooked on skewers, which is always a treat. But perhaps the best part is that it can be prepared and left to marinate ahead of time, extremely convenient all iftars considered.

Herb, cheese and lemon-stuffed chicken breasts
There’s a tendency to view chicken breasts as the safe, everyday option. In one sense they are (and thank goodness we have them). But this recipe shows that they can be fancier and more impressive than that too.

Chicken thighs and drumsticks

Bulgur-wheat-stuffed chicken with mint yogurt dressing
Make this for a table of friends and you’ll impress them twice. First because you’ve cooked them dinner, which is always a nice thing to do. And second when they stumble on the surprise element, the buttery bulgur wheat stuffing tucked under the skin.

Charred coronation chicken
With this dish, the trick is to slash the thighs and drumsticks so the curry marinade can really permeate the flesh. Equally crucial, we feel, is to cook a double portion. Trust us, you’re definitely going to be hankering for another plate of it very soon.

Tegel Meal Makers

The Meal Maker range shows that the clever folks at Tegel think of everything – from a convenience standpoint, a flavour point of view, and the pretty packaging perspective. There’s a great selection available in store, any of which would work a treat in these recipes:

Chicken and coconut dal
Coconut dal is a warming, familiar hug in a bowl, a thrifty, comforting delight. Tegel’s Meal Maker Sliced Roast Chicken makes it more substantial, as would leftover meat from any of the recipes above (but maybe not the cheese-stuffed breasts).

Chicken satay noodle jars
Hear that? It’s the sound of boring desk lunches leaving your life for good. These chicken satay noodle jars are just one example of how you can make work meals more exciting. The theory is simple: carbs at the bottom (here satay noodles, but also chick peas, lentils, couscous and quinoa), then veg (in this case crunchy greens) and protein (Tegel’s Cracked Pepper Shredded Chicken would be perfect) at the top.

To read more about Tegel, such as who they are and what they do, click here.