7 of our favourite Ramadan dishes

Made with love, best when shared

Whether you’re fasting or simply using the month to take a step back and acknowledge the slower pace of life, these seven recipes are close to our heart, good for the soul and celebrate the true joys of cooking:

Aubergine fatteh cups

Ease into your iftar spread with these brilliant pass-around bites – think of them as a warm up, the introduction your body needs before a hearty feast. The chick peas make for a cheap and excellent source of protein, while the natural yogurt serves as a good source of calcium.

Spicy lentil, vegetable and harissa soup

To get ahead, make this recipe in big batches and freeze, taking out and heating up when needed. While it serves six, this figure can easily be halved or doubled depending on how large your party is; the nutrient-rich masoor dal lentils give this soup its delightfully thick consistency.

Spiced lamb meatball stew

Served with couscous – a low-fat source of energy – this is one recipe you’ll want to come home to. The foodie equivalent of a soft cushion, the rich flavours remind you how comforting a well-made stew is.

Slow-cooked lamb with jewelled saffron rice

Four hours of slow cooking has certainly not gone to waste in this recipe. Melt-in-your-mouth lamb shines when served with light and fluffy rice, almonds, pistachios, pomegranate seeds and cranberries. Searching for the golden child of the iftar table? You might have just found it.

Chicken biryani

Spices come to life in this classic dish. Left to marinate for two hours, the chicken is not only succulent but seriously tasty; if you’re going to cook anything from this list, make it this biryani.

Salted date caramel brownie stack with tahini buttercream

Take one look at this glorious mountain of all that is right in the baking world and we won’t have to convince you of its greatness. Stacks of airy sponge are held together by a beautiful sesame-flavoured buttercream. What’s better than salted caramel? Salted date caramel.

Tahini, sesame and dark chocolate cookies

These dainty little rounds have just the right hint of savoury flavours to balance out their sweetness, making them the perfect way to ease out of a heavy main meal.

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