5 times sweet and savoury met and loved each other

Top keep-cool summertime tip: bridge the main-dessert divide

Praise be recipes that mix the sweeter things in life with savoury pleasures. The concept might be well-trodden, but it’s one that we’re more than keen to skip towards at every possible opportunity.

And with the weather just about to shift to searing-hot, we’re set to scamper indoors and gather up dishes that bring us the cooling relief of all-singing, all-zinging sweet-savoury partnerships.

But we can’t do this alone. We need a friend. We need the prepared fruit cups in store. The range – from citrus mixes, melon medleys and berry bonanzas – shaves off valuable minutes from each recipe below, saving you energy and effort in the kitchen.

But that’s enough talking for now. Let’s get down to the seriously delicious business of welcoming sweet-savoury sunshine into our homes…

Cajun prawns with green quinoa and pineapple

If you know how to cook quinoa, this recipe is one for you. Spare yourself a bit of fuss by picking up ready-cooked prawns and prepared pineapple in store.

Iced watermelon and rosemary coolers

Get the summer look with these so-simple, so-slurpable coolers.

Asian beef with pickled mango and mint

We love beef and mango. Beef and mango love each other. Herbs and heat love everything. You’ll love this salad.

Chicken, grapefruit and lime super food salad

A rowdy riot of fascinating textures, limelight colours and wowee flavours that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Garlic- and thyme-studded camembert with roast balsamic berries

If we have one regret in life, it’s that we didn’t conjure up this combination sooner. It’s that good.

Prefer to stick to sweet? See how to turn one spinneysFOOD Citrus Mix cup into three to-die-for desserts.