Trans fats, your health and Spinneys’ clean label policy

Our nutritionist Freda Molamphy has all the details you need

Heard about trans fats and their negative effects on our health? If you’re aware of them but don’t know why they are harmful, you’re not alone. We asked Freda Molamphy, qualified nutritionist, to explain why they’re so damaging to our bodies and what Spinneys has done about eliminating them from its bakery products:

What are trans fats?

There are two types of trans fats, generally speaking – those that are produced naturally in certain animals during digestion (and are therefore present in some animal products, in small amounts), and those that are artificially produced. Artificial trans fats are created when hydrogen is added to the liquid forms of plant and vegetable oils in order to make them more solid (think spreads and margarines). It’s this process that creates hydrogenated fats, an inexpensive way to give products a longer shelf life.

What foods are trans fats most commonly found in?

They are found extensively in everything from cookies, confectionery items and bakery products to crackers, margarines, spreads, deep-fried foods and coffee creamers.

Why is it important that trans fats are not part of our diet?

Trans fats should be avoided as they have adverse health implications. Because they are manufactured fats, our bodies cannot break them down and utilise them as they would do natural fats. As a result, studies have shown that these artificial fats can raise the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the body and increase inflammation, both contributors to heart disease.

Trans fats can also damage the walls of blood vessels and are thought to have a negative effect on the function of insulin in the body, predisposing people to a greater risk of diabetes.

No Nasties: The importance we place on clean labelling

As a result of more than 18 months’ hard work, the spinneysFOOD bakery range is now free from trans fats, hydrogenated fats and artificial flavours and colours. Our experts have reformulated recipes to remove all non-approved items, while still meeting our high standards for taste and appearance. All additions to our range will adhere to this policy.

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our customers and want you to shop confident in the knowledge that the products you buy are good for you and your family.

Tell me more about the bread

What could be better than bread straight from the oven, served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dunking? Our artisan loaves are baked fresh every day according to recipes developed by our bakery category manager and pâtisserie chef Amaury Tremblay.

  • Our French-style country bread (superb for dipping into bouillabaisse) is a great all-rounder: full of flavour and with a distinctive chewy crust.
  • Wholegrain bread is a very good source of fibre – our sliced loaves are brilliantly convenient for quick breakfasts and sandwiches.
  • This rustic German rye is made with a mix of flours for an end result that’s light and soft in the centre with a traditional crisp crust (just look at these croutons).
  • Dark and dense, delicious seed-filled Norlander bread will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Want to hear more? Watch this video with Freda Molamphy on why our baked goods are the best for you.