Eight 15-minute breakfast ideas... that aren’t toast

Bored of buttering bread in the morning? Here are some alternative recipes to get your day started

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should spend it dining like a champion. It’s the incentive behind leaving your cosy bed and the dish that kicks your metabolism into gear. But, with limited time before leaving for the office, kids to get to school and workouts to be slaved over, it often falls short of our love and attention.

All in a flurry, the bread bin is opened, slices are popped into the toaster and you end up having the same thing you’ve had for the past five days. Well, when you’ve run out of all spreadable options, it’s time to get back to the drawing board. Here are eight 15-minute breakfast ideas (that aren't toast):

Roasted almond and dark chocolate overnight oat pots

Chocolate-lovers take note: this recipe will have you – and the entire family – jumping out of bed before the alarm’s even gone off.

Strawberry and almond bircher breakfast smoothies

The beloved heart-shaped fruit shines gloriously in these deliciously oaty drinks; let’s face it, you’ll be in love from the get-go.

Indulgent scrambled eggs

Is a breakfast article really a breakfast article without a recipe for scrambled eggs? Jazz up traditional eggs on toast with spinneysFOOD Croissants, ripe avocado, tomatoes or mushrooms.

Green smoothie bowls

You’ll be keen for green with this nutritious offering. It’s so quick to make, you’ll even have time for a little Instagramming. #bowlgoals.

Blueberry, yogurt and ricotta breakfast bowls

Three star ingredients that come together in just ten minutes.

Melon, orange and blueberry bowl

Had a heavy dinner the night before and in the mood for something light? Look no further, you’ve found what you were after.

Smoked salmon soufflé omelette

Some mornings we like to be fancy and when we do we have a smoked salmon soufflé omelette, darling. It’s worth the extra minute that goes into making it, trust us.

Breakfast blueberry smoothies

When the morning’s got you feeling blue, this deliciously fruity treat is sure to perk you up.

But why should the best meal of the day be confined to the morning? Click here for a few fantastic breakfast-for-dinner options that will awaken your senses like never before.