Cracking the humble egg: everything you need to know

Top tips, fast facts and marvellous morning recipes

It’s no yolk to claim that eggs are great. They can be fried, baked, scrambled, poached, and they’re instrumental in recipes both savoury and sweet; let’s face it – you won’t be disappointed by these oval rays of sunshine. And because our love for them is unbreakable, we’ve come up with an ode to the egg, equipped with cracking tips and egg-cellent breakfast recipes.

How to store

  • The fridge’s egg tray is the best place to keep them – store at a constant temperature (below 20˚C) and away from other foods.
  • Dishes containing eggs should be refrigerated and not kept for longer than two days. For cakes (that may go stale if left in the fridge) without cream or egg-based toppings, leave in a cool, dry place.

The cholesterol question

The egg has taken quite a knock in recent history, vilified as a food choice that’s high in dietary cholesterol. But much to our delight, health advice now suggests that while this may be true, cutting down on saturated fats is much more beneficial.

Eggs are a key source of vitamins B, B12, D, A, iodine, folate and protein; these wonders contain all the amino acids (the compounds that combine to form protein) that we need.

Did you know?

You can separate the yolk from the white by using a plastic bottle! Crack an egg open onto a plate, squeeze the top of an empty bottle slightly and bring it to the yolk, letting go when it’s touching. The yolk should then slide into the bottle and you can empty it onto another plate. To check whether your eggs are still fresh, place them in a bowl of water; if the egg sinks, it’s good to eat, if it floats to the top then sadly, the bin calls.

The winning breakfast recipes

Lemon broad bean toasts with poached eggs
A zesty, refreshing offering that’ll awaken your taste buds and set you up for a crackin’ day.

Dippy eggs with rosemary and parmesan polenta soldiers
Feeling nostalgic? Give the traditional ‘egg and soldiers’ dish a little twist with herbs and cheese. Seconds, please?

Baked avocados with eggs and crisp turkey bacon
These three ingredients were destined to sit side-by-side on a plate – and it’s best you don’t mess with fate.

Pea, spring onion and spinach potato cakes with poached eggs
After a winning brunch-style meal? These savoury rounds are perfect for a lazy Friday morning.

Indulgent scrambled eggs with smoked mackerel
With the addition of smoked mackerel (an essential source of omega-3), this decadent dish is certainly one for special occasions… and that’s everyday, right?

Spinach, sage and parmesan baked eggs
One for all the family – and perfect for upcoming Mother’s Day – this baked beauty will put a smile on anyone's face (even the pickiest of eaters).

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