9 everyday ways to conserve water

Easy methods to be more mindful this World Water Day

Here at Spinneys we place a great deal of importance on protecting the environment and source our produce from growers committed to preserving natural resources (find out more about that here). Living in a desert region makes conserving water more important than ever, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult task. For World Water Day we’ve come up with nine everyday ways to conserve this precious natural commodity.


A delicious pasta dish on the cards tonight? Instead of throwing out the water you use to boil the pasta, consider re-using it for things like poaching chicken, boiling vegetables, in sauces or as the broth for soups.

Size matters
Use the correct-sized pan for the job. If the pan’s too big you’ll use, and waste, unnecessary water.

Fill it up
A study done by Waterwise, an NGO dedicated to reducing water wastage, revealed that millions of litres are wasted every year by washing dishes by hand. One way to avoid this (if you don’t have a dishwasher) is to fill up the sink beforehand, and use this for the entire batch of dishes with just a quick rinse at the end.

Plan ahead
Eyeing up that leftover mac ‘n’ cheese or chicken curry in the freezer for dinner? Plan a little in advance and leave the food out for a few hours during the day to help the dish defrost.


Brush up
Do you know that about 18 litres of water is wasted every time you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth? Only turn it on for the rinse stage.

Hop in, hop out
Every minute you leave the water running in the shower, around nine litres are lost down the drain. Avoid this by shortening your shower time (a stopwatch may come in handy, or play a 5-minute song and be out before it ends), and if bathing, limit how much you fill the tub up with.

(More than) a drop in the bucket
Not a fan of a cold shower? Place a small bucket under the shower head while you wait for the warm water to kick in, instead of letting it run. What you save can be used for watering flowers or mixed with hot water for cleaning.


Bright and early
If you decide not to move your plants indoors during the intensely dry, hot summer months, take note that the best time of day to water them is early morning. The longer you leave it, the more high temperatures and strong winds will affect the amount that gets soaked up, as much of the water will be lost to evaporation.


Pass it on
Lastly, give the little ones a lesson in the importance of conserving water. Reward them for telling you when a tap is dripping, get them to save water in buckets on the odd occasion it rains or take them around the house with you on an ‘audit’ looking out for anything that could be causing unnecessary waste.