When dessert beckons, salted caramel is ready to answer its call

We’ve seen your future. The sweetest, teensy-bit-salty treats lie ahead

Nothing buzzes the delicious detector quite like salted caramel. It is all things lovable. Posh and fancy enough to be drizzled ladled over every dessert and instantly make it luckier, more special. Addictive to the point that it can, in both emergency and non-emergency cases, be eaten on its own, big spoon ladle in hand. Frankly dangerously easy to make, just a pantry rummage for butter, sugar and salt away (plus cream, should you wish to get saucy).

To be truthful, the next time you find yourself in a caramel situation that doesn’t include salt, you should take a step back to reassess – the tiniest sprinkle is all you need to whoosh it into a whole ‘nother dimension.

According to the New York Times we have the French to thank for salted caramel. (France, the source of something sweet and delicious? Quelle surprise.) Bretons have been delighting in this treat since way back when. In the 1990s, salted caramel was busy making a name for itself in Paris, in unfairly delicious-sounding macarons. By the turn of the new millennium, it had made its way into ice cream (hey, we’ve done that too), topped chocolate tarts and cemented its place in the world’s collective heart.

For science, it’s little surprise we’re so powerless to resist these caramely charms. Not only does our body genetically crave salt, this wonder of the kitchen contains a family of glucose transporters known as SGLT, whose job it is to carry glucose through our system, a process that boosts our ability to detect sweet things.

Or, in other words – next time you want sweeten the dessert deal, just add salt.

Apple galette with salted caramel sauce

Rosemary millionaire’s shortbread with smoked salted caramel

Banana, caramel and chocolate muffins with salted caramel sauce

Salted caramel apple tarte tatin

Apple and pear crumble with salted caramel sauce

Salted caramel sticks

Ginger caramel popcorn

If, after all that, you’re still not convinced about stirring salt through caramel, maybe caramel and dark chocolate sauce is the thing for you: