QUIZ: These 4 questions will reveal your ideal crisp flavour

Not sure which spinneysFOOD packet to go for? Take our quiz and we’ll tell you

There are three crucial characteristics that promote a regular snack to foodie giant: One: versatility; two; ease of consumption; three: unapologetic, delicious taste. With their global popularity and gargantuan potential, crisps are a snack master. Boasting short, sharp, intense flavours, these potato chips are great for dipping, adding crunch, decorating party spreads or simply enjoying on their own. Our new range of spinneysFOOD Kettle Crisps come in four cracking flavours – answer these questions to work out which is suited to you:

You’ve decided to serve something small to keep your guests going until the starter is ready – what one do you choose?

A) Meatball skewers with spicy tomato sauce
B) Sweet and smoky nuts
C) Truffled crostini with olives, capers and lemon crème fraîche
D) Mini cheddar, walnut and thyme scones

It’s 1pm and your tummy is grumbling. Looks like salad is the midday marvel today – what’s going on your plate?

A) Chilli shrimp with citrus fruit and kale salad
B) Charred mushroom, lemon and parsley salad with garlic parmesan croutons
C) Salad of herb-crusted venison with balsamic blackberries
D) Simple rocket and cucumber salad

Lamb’s on the menu tonight, which dish do you choose?

A) Spiced lamb chops with garlic naan and raita
B) Romesco lamb racks with grilled asparagus
C) Lamb, halloumi, olive and mint wraps with tzatziki
D) Lamb fillet with rosemary hasselback potatoes and spring onion sour cream

Right. There’s always time for pudding. Which would you save room for?

A) Spiced pear tarte tatin
B) Dark chocolate and peppermint s’more dip
C) Rosemary millionaire’s shortbread with smoked salted caramel
D) Three-tier Victoria sponge cake


Next time you’re down the crisp aisle, you should choose:

If you’re mostly As… spinneysFOOD Hot Jalapeño

You probably wanted a motorbike as a kid. Rollercoasters are a walk in the park. No mountain is too big to climb. Let’s face it, you like to live life on the spicier side – Tabasco goes with everything, even your morning bowl of cereal. When you’re the host, you can’t seem to understand why guests are sweating and wiping their noses. One chilli, two chilli, three chilli, four… who’s counting?

If you’re mostly Bs… spinneysFOOD Smoky Barbecue

Sultry, smouldering flavours are the ones that lure you in; slow-cooking sings to you like no other. Pulled beef, sticky ribs, sweet and spicy chicken wings, it’s all in the marinade and choosing the correct one is an art form in itself. As soon as the sun’s at a reasonable temperature (or even if it’s not), you’ve fired up the grill quicker than anyone’s had chance to decide whether they’re hungry.

If you’re mostly Cs... spinneysFOOD Salt and Vinegar

There’s space in your heart for tart, sharp flavours – we’re thinking salty halloumi, extra vinegar on chips, olives by the dozen and roasted rhubarb to boot. You don’t have much time for anything syrupy, unless it falls into the fabulous sweet-salt category (why hello there, rosemary and salted dark choc chip ice cream). And don’t even get us started on salted caramel – you’re all about it, aren’t you?

If you’re mostly Ds… spinneysFOOD Classic Sea Salt

Simple tastes, hints of flavours – you’re someone that likes modesty, subtlety and tradition. Food shouldn’t knock you over, it should ease you in and warm up your palette, like the first dip of the toe in the ocean or a morning ray of sunshine. Don’t let anyone accuse you of being predictable, this is a candid crisp that lends itself to many a dip or dish (simply crush and sprinkle on your next pasta bake).