Hooray for hummus (and these 10 delicious variations)

The Middle Eastern dip that’s got the entire world transfixed

There’s little to say about hummus that hasn’t already be said. Whoever decided to mash chick peas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic really does need congratulating, for where would we be without our favourite beige beauty? Like any trendsetter, hummus has paved the way for many others like it. And since it’s established as the founding father of dip-land, it’s time to pay homage to this superstar:


Beetroot hummus

With its bright colour and stop-you-in-your-tracks flavour, if this dip were a person, it’d be the life and soul of the party.

Smoked paprika hummus with zaatar crisps

If you’re after a smouldering, smoky number this offering is definitely your bag.

Minted pea hummus with crispy zaatar chick peas

Fresh mint gives this pea number a sprightly vibe that makes it fit for any cool spread (and when we say cool, we mean hipsters, urbanites… you get the drift).

Roast carrot, garlic and butter bean hummus

A slightly sweeter edge makes this dish ideal for salty dippers – try spinneysFOOD Original Kettle Crisps for a truly tasty snack. While it may not technically be hummus (without any chick peas), it’s a prime example of a copycat done right.


Falafel bowls

Best mates for life, falafel and hummus are the Jack and Jill of the dip meets dipper world. A partnership on menus everywhere, this recipe does exactly what you would expect it to – delight.

Mezze of mint-marinated lamb, red pepper hummus and spiced chick peas

If you were to think of hummus’ soul mate surely you would think of lamb. No? Try this recipe and you might just change your mind.

Mozzarella, carrot and corn fritters with creamy hummus

Smooth, slick, scrumptious, crispy, nutritious, light, delicious… need we say more?

Kale hummus with spiralised beet salad

Fan of the food trend (we’re looking at you, kale)? Well, this is the hummus-inspired meal for you, with a fresh salad from our deli to boot.

Spiced spinach falafel and avocado hummus wraps

Looking forward to a tasty lunch is often a stressful day’s saving grace. Kick back, relax and take the weight off because this dish ensures you have a treat come midday.

Garlic lamb koftas

Cooking has never been so simple – just grab a pot of spinneysFOOD hummus, lather it onto Arabic bread and top with spinneysFOOD Lamb Meatballs. Easy. Peasy.