Hidden talents: kitchen essentials that are more useful than you think

Superstars, heroes, kings, queens… the secret lives of your storecupboard staples

Lurking in the kitchen cupboards is a world of possibility. The contents of these magical storage units are the glue that hold recipes together. Because when inspiration fails, hungry strikes and dishes need bulking up, there is only one direction to look in and that’s to your storecupboard. Here are a few of our favourite spinneysFOOD essentials:

Kettle Crisps

Who can resist snacking on a big handful (or three) of crisps? Serve these delicious things with dips for the ultimate party snack – charred spring onion and avocado or moutabal (which you can purchase from our deli if time isn’t on your side) are both great options. For a bit of nostalgia, try layering your favourite flavour – we’ve got jalapeño, smoky barbecue, sea salt and more – between bread for an unbeatable crisp sandwich, great for those days when you need a little perking up. Or try crumbling some on top of your next pasta bake for added crunch.

Canned pulses

Cannellini beans call for minimal preparation and bring you nutrition and bulk. Chick peas are brilliant for adding texture to salads and making hummus (an excellent dip for the chips mentioned above), falafel and fatteh. These genius products offer a cheap, low-fat source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals – approximately three heaped tablespoons counts as one portion of your 10-a-day. Use a sprinkling to complete dishes like this grilled aubergine salad or toss into a slow-cooked lamb stew. You can even mash for a healthier alternative to potatoes – steak with easy black pepper sauce and cannellini bean mash really hits the spot.


Our new spinneysFOOD coffee is the perfect way to end an iftar – there’s nothing better than a high-quality cup of joe. We work hard to source only the finest beans, so expect a selection of rich, intense and aromatic flavours. But hey, don’t be fooled into thinking that its only purpose is to be consumed from a mug; try creating a DIY skin exfoliator, mosquito repellent or using the beans in many delicious recipes. AND, if you want to see how the stuff is enjoyed across the globe, click here for some interesting takes on the standard americano.


Our pocket-sized cereal bars provide an on-the-go and healthy way to break your fast (and if you’re not fasting are a great way to keep you feeling full in between meals). Perfect for those active days, these bars provide,a much needed pick-me-up for when your blood sugar is running low.


spinneysFOOD Sunflower Oil and Corn Oil are must-haves for your storecupboard, particularly when cooking items such as samosas and pakoras.


Our spinneysFOOD All-Purpose Flour and Self-Raising flour are ideal for breads, cakes and cookies, and baking is a great way to get the whole family having fun together this Ramadan. Still need convincing? Here are fourteen reasons that should help you make up your mind. If you don’t fancy making anything edible but you need something to keep the little ones entertained, try this papier-mâché paste, it’ll keep them busy all afternoon.