Why cooking for one is the best

Eat what you want, when you want

When cooking for others, the culinary process is full of compromise. But cooking for numero uno (we’re talking about you) is an activity of unconditional pleasure. You get to decide what to whip up, how much you want, how to season, when to eat… the list goes on. Celebrate dining solo with these recipes that define easy:

One-pot wonders

Dishes that require minimal washing up are friends for life… so allow us to introduce you to the one-pot wonder. Combine ingredients, leave to simmer, freeze the leftovers and have for lunch or dinner the next day. Simple.

One-pot Spanish chicken stew
No-stress Shepherd's pie
One-pot beef and mixed bean stew


Soups give personal touches a chance; add more chilli here, blitz a favourite veggie in there, leave chunky, blend till silky smooth, top with croutons – or maybe you enjoy crème fraîche? – it’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of meal.

Tomato soup with crispy pesto cannellini beans
Garlic and chilli sweetcorn soup
Mushroom, coconut, chilli and ginger soup


It’s been a long day and the fact you’re tired is an understatement. Ideal solution? Feast on the king of quick dishes: the sandwich. While super simple, the sarnie is far from boring – here are three recipes to prove it:

Prawn and pomelo salad rolls
Peach and onion chutney grilled cheese toasties
Mozzarella, tomato and pomegranate open sandwich

And for when you just feel like toast, dress it to impress with any of these eight great toppings:

Other dishes made for solo eating:

  • A simple stir-fry – the plate is your oyster so use up leftovers, add in a rogue ingredient, cook it for longer if you prefer crispier elements – do with it what you will, it’s your stir-fry.
  • Omelettes are a brilliant base for whatever you have spare; salmon, cheese, meat, vegetables.
  • Jacket potato with cheese and beans, tuna mayo, just cheese, salad, defrosted bolognese, chilli or curry, butter or a combination of all of the above – it’s your choice, remember?
  • Table-for-one tapas: dash to our deli for a no-fuss meal.

Keep going, you say? No problem – we’ve got more ideas for when it’s just you and the food right here (you can find all these recipes online):