Tasty bundles of joy: 8 reasons why buns are the best

This baked treasure deserves a huge round of applause

Let’s face it, the humble bun is often overlooked – with almost all the focus on the fillings, supporting layers have a hard task getting recognition. But where would the burger patty be without its bread buddy? And let’s not stop there; they can be used for many different dishes, providing a sturdy foundation that allows flavour to flourish. It’s time to give this genius ingredient – we’ve got our eye on potato bread buns and sesame-seed brioche burger buns this month – the gold star it deserves. Here are eight recipes that would be incomplete without their bun:

Salmon burgers with griddled pineapple and citrus slaw

The fresh flavours of pineapple, lemon and clementine are met with sweet dill pickles and spicy jalapeños in this light fish burger just perfect for a summer evening.

Vegetarian breakfast buns

Our sesame-seed brioche burger bun serves two major purposes; it has a delightful taste and the ability to hold a stunning stack of fresh ingredients within. Be the architect of your own kitchen and build this breakfast beauty layer by layer; avocado, portobello mushrooms, spring onions, egg (with a runny yolk, of course) and spinach. Mornings were made for meals like this.

Rosemary, onion and cheddar potato bread pudding

If you’re all about following food trends, this recipe is one you’ll want to make. Bread and butter pudding slides into the savoury lane with rosemary and dense-in-all-the-right-places potato bread buns.

Tear-and-share mustard and cheese garlic buns

The only difficulty with this dish is deciding how much of it you’ll want to share. Punchy mustard is balanced by cheddar cheese and parsley – garlic bread just got a makeover, folks, and potato buns have led the way.

Roasted pattypans with lemon, dill and chilli crumbs

Looking for a light lunch or tasty side? Take veggies to delicious new heights with a crumbed coating of blitzed potato buns.

Curry butter soldiers for dippy eggs

Get your day off to a good start, sunshine. Soft-boiled eggs were made for dippers and the touch of curry powder gives this breakie classic a trendy twist.

Homemade pizza buns

Has the time come for the kids to get involved in the cooking process? Look no further than this easy, child-friendly recipe. Homemade and healthier than your regular takeaway, this is one dinner treat you’ll return to time and time again.

Cherry and almond pudding

What’s better than a potato bread bun? A potato bread bun brushed with butter, sprinkled with cinnamon and baked in the oven so it’s got a nice crispy sweetness that pairs perfectly with ice cream and syrupy cherries.

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