QUIZ: Answer 4 questions and we’ll reveal your perfect dessert

Which spinneysFOOD bake is the one for you?

Eating dessert is a wholly pleasurable affair; there’s the selection, the tingling anticipation of that first bite and the explosion of sweet deliciousness; nothing quite compares. With four terrific spinneysFOOD delights on our radar this month, we’ve come up with a set of questions that’ll lead you to your soul bake:

The family feels like something fruity for dessert – which do you choose?

A) Roasted ginger and rosemary figs with whipped ricotta
B) Summer berry trifle
C) Salted date caramel brownie stack with tahini buttercream
D) Apple crumble turnovers with custard

You’re keen for a classic and meringue is it – which recipe takes your fancy?

A) Hazelnut praline meringue tower with hazelnut and cinnamon brittle
B) Pavlova with roasted plums
C) Coconut, lime and white chocolate blondie meringue cake
D) Lemon sherbet meringues

It’s been a long day and you need comfort in the form of a good old fashioned pudding – which one ticks the box?

A) Spiced rice pudding with poached figs
B) Marmalade and rosemary bread and butter pudding
C) Dark chocolate and orange tart with Christmas pudding crust
D) Summer pudding stacks with mint cream

Friends are coming over for a spot of afternoon tea – which bake would you make them?

A) Ginger chocolate fondant with vanilla crème fraîche
B) Clementine drizzle cake
C) White chocolate popcorn cake
D) Earl Grey and clementine jaffa cakes

What did you get?

Mostly As: go for our sticky iced buns in apple, cinnamon and caramel, cinnamon chocolate fudge and classic cinnamon sugar

Rich, bold flavours and doughy, fluffy textures – these are just some of the essentials when it comes to your dessert; you’re a shameless fan of indulgence accompanied by confident seasoning. Puddings peppered with spice are perfect in your eyes – every bite should slightly tickle the back of your throat.

Mostly Bs: go for our loaf cake in banana, chocolate or citrusy lemon

Look, when it comes to the sweet stuff there’s no point in messing around; classic tastes are classics for a reason. You’re not about fuss or frills – good, honest flavour never disappoints. When baking, you tend to stick to the tried and tested recipes... and why wouldn’t you? They appeal to the masses. A nice cup of spinneysFOOD English Breakfast Tea sits perfectly alongside our loaf cake; light sponge in three moreish flavours? Yes. Please.

Mostly Cs: go for our chocolate mousse cake

Let’s face it, you aim to impress and don’t understand people who shy away from the spotlight. You like to wow in everything from your attire and home décor, to your culinary choices. And dinner parties were meant to be hosted. Introducing, the classiest of chocolate cakes; rich mousse and dark ganache prove a sleek and show-stopping party piece.

Mostly Ds: go for our chocolate cake slices

You appreciate the company of others but ultimately, you like to enjoy sweet delicacies on your own. Those stolen five minutes in between school runs, meetings and the weekly shop were meant for a cup of coffee and a delicious dessert you haven’t had to prepare. It’s not that you’d eat the whole cake if you were to buy it (well, actually...), it’s just that individual slices offer more than just an awakening of the taste buds, they offer the chance to dine in peace. Plus, with no one there to witness it, you can devour as you desire. YUM.

Visit our bakery for lots more delicious goods and, because the spinneysFOOD range is free from trans fats, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours and flavours, you can enjoy your favourite products guilt free.