Eat this, not that: healthy swaps that taste just as good as the original

Trust us – you won’t be able to tell the difference

‘Healthy swaps’, we hear you sigh. You may believe that the best kind of gluttonous grub has no low-fat alternative worth mentioning, but healthy substitutes are equally as tasty and just as rewarding – here’s a list to prove it:

Feel the fizz

Instead of soda, opt for a fruity drink like pineapple and ginger iced tea; not only will it keep you hydrated, it’ll also provide you with essential vitamins and minerals.

Beat the heat

What’s the first thing you reach for when it’s hot outside? Ice cream, of course. However, when the sand pit boasts soaring temperatures all year round, this cold delight can’t always be the solution. So, meet ice cream’s lower-fat friend: fro-yo. We love ourselves some pink peppercorn frozen yogurt ice creams.

Fish surprise

Fish and chips are quintessential British cuisine; think English seaside on a balmy summer’s afternoon. Or think of its healthy equivalent, the easy fish supper – salmon and sweet potato wedges, made in your kitchen, containing less calories and a lot less sand.

Life of pie

A good old fashioned pie; solver of bleak moods, stressful days and hungry bellies – it’s grub that gives you a hug. After some foodie affection without the commitment of a carb-heavy meal? A veggie topping will fix your woes – try this steak and mushroom pie with roasted vegetable mash.

Better without butter

A little spread every now and then never hurt anyone but if you’re trying to stay on the healthy side of the track, opt for a low-fat alternative or make your own nut-free butter with coconut, sunflower seeds and coconut oil.

Bye bye brownie

Rich and fudgy, light and cakey, however you prefer your brownie there’s one thing we can all agree on – it’s the grandfather of desserts. While their deliciousness remains unbeatable, it comes with a sugary price tag we’re often unwilling to pay. For those occasions, consider these nut and berry quinoa squares; with a drizzle of dark chocolate and protein-rich quinoa, you can get your sweet fix in the healthiest of ways.

Take away your takeaway

Pizza – one of life’s love affairs; there’s little that its dense doughy base won’t cure. For all the satisfaction of pizza without the guilty conscience, turn to a mushroom, thyme and mozzarella polenta pizza or this pizza with a cauliflower crust.

Fire the fried

Fried chicken; it’s gratifying and ready quickly but with high levels of fat, this popular take out doesn’t do much for your waistline (however much it tickles your taste buds). To recreate this classic at home, opt for an oven-baked chicken with Waldorf salad.

Swap till you drop

  • Switch mayo for yogurt.
  • Opt for tomato-based sauces rather than creamy ones.
  • Go for a bar of dark chocolate rather than milk. Alternatively, choose dates – they’re sweet and full of natural sugars.
  • Cook with leaner proteins such as turkey, chicken or fish rather than red meats such as pork or beef.
  • Sweeten porridge with a handful of berries rather than sugar – you can also use cinnamon to spice things up.
  • Bake rather than fry.
  • Swap milky coffees for Americanos or filter coffees.
  • Choose wholewheat and wholegrains over white starchy carbs.
  • Make these sumac kale crisps rather than snacking on a pre-bought packet.
  • Replace crackers with apple and enjoy with cheese.
  • Use greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
  • Top your salad with nuts, rather than croutons.

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