Chocolate Cake Wars: a classic vs mousse cake… who comes out on top?

Two very different bakes, both made with passion for your pleasure

Chocolate cake slice

The piece that aims to please in its own simple, satisfying way

So, tell us a little bit about you...

I’m only available by the slice – but it’s quite the slice. Two layers of classic sponge with chantilly cream first sandwiched in between those layers then delicately swirled on top (all chocolate, of course).

Umm, haven’t you missed something?

Goodness, yes. Cocoa powder! I’m dusted with cocoa powder, because why not?

That all sounds ridiculously delicious, though rather rich.

Au contraire, mon frère. My sponge is prepared with the utmost care and the chantilly cream is light as air to result in the most delicate, cloud-like fare.

Hey, that rhymes!

I know. I’m a cake with hidden talents.

What else?

I bet you think my topping is piped by machine, don’t you?

Well, obviously it is.

Wrong. The reason I’m decorated with such spot-on precision is because of a steady pair of human hands, not a machine.

So you’re happy with your appearance – but if you could change one thing, what would it be?

Sometimes I wish I was a tiny bit taller – just another layer. One day, maybe…

Chocolate mousse cake

A masterclass from the bakery, this is our fanciest chocolate treat yet

Describe yourself in a sentence.

I’m the chocolate cake you dreamt about as a kid.

Umm, we still dream about cake now.

In that case you’re going to love me.

Tell us more.

I’m made up of three distinct layers of dark chocolate sponge, each one kept safe and sound by a coating of rich, bubbly milk chocolate mousse.

Okay. We’re officially excited. Please can we have a slice?

Patience is a virtue, my friend – there’s more. Once all the layers are in place, I’m smothered in the shiniest, sleekest ganache you’ll ever have set eyes on.

The shiniest?

Yup. The smoothest, too. And for a ‘I’m real fancy’ exclamation point, chocolate curls and chopped nuts are used as decoration.

Right. That’s enough talking. When can we eat you?

On birthdays, at office parties, for afternoon teas, any night in the middle of the week. There’s always an excuse for cake.

Ain’t that the truth.

And because I come as a whole cake, and thanks to my ‘la dee da’ look, I’m perfect paraded in front of guests before slicing to suit – a big piece for one person, a little sliver for another...

And the winner is...

For anytime eating Chocolate cake slice

The party piece Chocolate mousse cake

For a no-fuss pud Chocolate cake slice

Hardest to resist Both

Most valuable layers Chocolate mousse cake

Icing on the cake It’s a tie!


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