5 midweek dinner ideas for one

Just you and the food this week? No problem

Eating solo? Then treat yourself to meals that are all about you – big flavours and mega leftovers that only call for two hours of cooking and washing up all week long:


Tomato soup with crispy pesto cannellini beans
You know what this means? Tomorrow's lunch is sorted. You can also save the spare cannellini beans to make this soy and honey salmon, apple and wasabi salad more substantial.


Prawn and pomelo salad rolls
Blue River’s pomelo packs are brilliant. We'd recommend using the salad components in layers – after all, the better a plate looks, the nicer it tastes.


Pizza salad
All the flavours and fun of pizza served in a healthier way.


Table-for-one deli tapas
You should have leftover chick peas (every bit as satisfying at lunch the next day).


Peach and onion chutney grilled cheese toasties
The toastie trinity of cheese, fruit and something sweet offers such simple pleasure: try apple, mozzarella and walnut chutney or pear, ricotta and honey.