5 chocolate recipes you simply HAVE to try

Brownies, brookies and the sweet treats between

Chocolate – the epitome of true bliss. Smooth, creamy, indulgent, it’s pure deliciousness, the darling of the dessert world. There’s little that can’t be cured by a square of your favourite bar. But the greatest of its attributes remains in its versatility; sweet and savoury dishes lay open to its luscious charms, flavours in their hundreds (salted caramel, mint, orange, chilli, rosemary, ginger) are given a platform to flourish, the hungry snacker is forever satisfied. In celebration of this star ingredient, here are 5 recipes you won’t be able to live without:

Sticky triple chocolate brownies

A collection of chocolate recipes would be incomplete without a winning brownie one in the mix. Back in 2016, experimental cook and Spinneys Magazine reader James Etches shared this glorious offering that uses ingredients from his mother’s kitchen cupboard. These gooey blocks of goodness have all the makings of a superior snack; cookies, white chocolate, maple syrup, milk chocolate, cocoa solids, cocoa powder… you name it, the whole choc family is present. Best served straight from the oven, but you know the score.

Chocolate and peanut butter milkshakes

All you need is a blender, five minutes and a craving for the good stuff. Most commonly found lathered onto toast, this nutty spread was made to complement our favourite ingredient and most recently, can be found in protein shakes everywhere for those #gains. Serve over ice for a luxurious drink or try heating through for a comforting night cap (we’re looking at you, peanut butter and marshmallow hot chocolate).

Chocolate, walnut and plum brookie ice cream sandwiches

The world loves a little name combination – Brangelina, Kimye, Jedward – and food is no exception. Take the cookie and the brownie. Two sterling dessert choices you’d happily eat any day of the week. But what about when their two worlds collide to form one superhero pud with magical flavours to match? Meet the brookie. With an ice cream filling, the dense gooeyness of a brownie and the chunkiness of a cookie, this is one sweet deal you won’t be able to refuse.

Coffee, white chocolate and vanilla brûlées

A simple, elegant and classic third course that’s fitting for any dinner party table. Hear the satisfying crack of your spoon breaking through the caramelised exterior and feel it softening into the creamy custard cushion beneath. Sublime.

Venison with chocolate sauce

They say the way to the heart is through chocolate… well if you’re trying to win someone over, do it with this dish. Chocolate easily becomes a gorgeous sauce and, when paired with rich venison, creates a main worthy of a spot on any top restaurant menu; simple sides of buttered greens and creamy mash potato allow the star to do all the talking.

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