4 vegetarian burgers that will convert any meat lover

Back off beef, step aside chicken – today we’re all about the veggie patties

What is it about the burger that makes it so delicious? One: a fresh bun. Two: a hearty patty. Three: extra fillings that bring the whole thing together. Let’s not kid ourselves, veggie alternatives are far from counterfeit – they stand proudly on their own merit. So, meat lovers, suspend your disbelief and prepare to be converted with these four fabulous recipes:

Sweet potato polenta burgers with halloumi and red pepper relish

Attribute this recipe’s vibrancy to the relish, balanced beautifully by a salty slice of halloumi. Originating from northern Italy and made from coarsely ground cornmeal, polenta – along with low-Gi sweet potato – provides the bulk that’s necessary for any patty worth its plate.

Mushroom and bean burgers with lime slaw

Behind every great burger is an even greater topping and this recipe proves the theory and then some. Zesty slaw – packed with carrot, cabbage and coriander – draws out the earthiness of this mixed mushroom burger (watch out for the bite of chilli!).

Veggie bean burgers with salsa relish

With only four ingredients and five steps, if the ease and convenience of this recipe don’t win you over, the flavour of the burgers definitely will.

Portobello mushroom burgers with kale crisps and beetroot tzatziki

Looking for a healthy alternative to comfort food? With kale crisps, beetroot and a heart portobello mushroom, this burger will have you well on your way to 10-a-day.

If you’re after the perfect bun our bakery has just the thing. This month we’ve got our eye on two that you won’t be able to refuse; meet the trendy, new-to-store potato bread bun and its friend, the sesame-seed brioche burger bun.