Wizards of Oz: 8 of our favourite recipes from Down Under

Get stuck in with barbecue beauts and sweet treats this Australia Day

Think of Australia and what comes to mind? Barbecues on the beach, traditional British-inspired dishes or sweet concoctions named after ballerinas (pavlova) and opera singers (peach Melba)? Here’s our rundown of the dishes that should be on your menu this year:

A Saturday family roast is always an excellent way to acknowledge our fantastic cuts of Aussie meat. A ribeye roast with parmesan and fennel gratin makes for a great centrepiece.

Traditionally, meat pie has been a favourite in Australia and is in the running for title of national dish. Instead of the usual steak pie, why not serve up gorgeous little venison sweetmeat pies with apple and cranberries to offset the richness of the meat?

Of course, Australia is renowned for its love of barbecues – throwing sea-fresh prawns and hunks of meat on the barbie is a national pastime. Sumac and garlic barbecue tiger prawns with zaatar are the type of dish to get everyone salivating, while soy-glazed prawn skewers with chilled soba noodles are great to serve on a platter and encourage everyone to dig in.

Lamingtons, small sponge cakes coated in chocolate (or raspberry sauce) and rolled in desiccated coconut first appeared in the 1920s. Named after a former Governor, they soon became teatime treats. We’ve given them a twist with coconut and jam lamington doughnuts and a tropical interpretation with lamingtons with mango and lime curd.

Another Aussie (and New Zealand, dare we say) favourite is pavlova, named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. With its chewy meringue, billows of soft cream and crisp, fresh fruit it’s an unbeatable combination. Try pavlova with vanilla-poached nectarines and sesame seed brittle or a Black Forest pavlova stack for something different, or the simpler pavlova with roasted plums.