Our top 5 recipes for a healthy start to the new year

Start 2017 as you mean to go on – with deliciously wholesome food

With New Year’s resolutions comes the annual desire to turn over a healthy leaf. Turkeys, desserts and cheeseboards are swapped for super foods, salads and soups in a bid to counteract December’s festive eating. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of our hottest healthy meals:

Chicken, grapefruit and lime super food salad

The one to make when you’re looking for a little bit of everything; a kick of chilli, some zesty flavours and a lean protein – plus it’s gluten and dairy-free. Enjoy as a light lunch or dinner, preferably with a refreshing glass of pineapple and ginger iced tea.

Lentil and pearl barley salad with grilled halloumi and asparagus

Pulses, beans and lentils are great as they’re an affordable source of protein, fibre and count towards your daily recommendation of fruit and vegetables. We’re also loving asparagus right now – it’s loaded with brilliant vitamins and minerals.

Mango, cucumber and radish salad with quinoa

Gluten and dairy-free, this refreshingly light salad is perfect for a cool evening with friends – plus with only 22 minutes from cutting board to plate you won’t need to spend hours in the kitchen.

Spinach, rocket cucumber, dried apricot and pecan salad

Super ingredient spinach is ideal if you’re on a January detox because it’s low in fat and high in fibre, whilst the pecans provide some crunch. Watch out for the star of this dish – the dried apricot adds just the right amount of sweetness.

Honey-roasted plums with granola

It might be the month to cleanse but we all need a treat sometimes. Since we’re recovering from last month’s overindulgence, look no further than this plum pudding. It’s healthy, nutritious and satisfies those sweet cravings. Plums are also on our list favourite ingredients this month. Here’s why.

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