Kitchen Sessions with Helen Farmer

How to make dinnertime less of a hassle, with a little help from Spinneys

With working full time and looking after their young daughter Phoebe, Helen (a freelance journalist who runs the successful says that she and her husband often struggle to think of ideas for dinner: “Really it boils down to time. We’re both busy and it’s a bit of a balancing act coming up with new dishes to try – sometimes I do lack inspiration.” With that it mind, our food editor Amy set to work and came up with two recipes for the Farmers:

Easy fish supper

A healthy twist on the classic combination, this salmon and sweet potato recipe is tailored to the Farmers’ family of three. To serve two adults and two kids, cook three salmon fillets, 30g more peas and add three to five extra wedges.

Middle Eastern-style chicken, bean and kale traybake

A no-fuss dish that’s perfect for adults once the little ones are in bed.

You can read a little more on Helen Farmer, her love of family, food and Dubai favourites in this interview or visit her blog,