Keeping pets happy and healthy with Naturo

How diet can make all the difference

Our pets are much-loved family members and, just like us, they deserve a diet that will keep them in tip-top condition for a long and happy life.

Pets can be fussy eaters – cats, in particular, are notorious for turning noses up at food they don’t like. But a good diet is really important; not only do cats and dogs require food that will keep their energy levels high, a poor diet can lead to digestive problems, lethargy, dull eyes and coat, sensitivities and allergies.

Our feline friends and canine companions need a high-quality, high-protein diet: good-quality meat provides B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Vitamin D is also important; while our skin absorbs the vitamin when it’s exposed to the sun’s rays, a thick coat of fur makes this far more difficult for animals. The amino acid taurine is another vital requirement – especially for cats – to help with normal heart function and vision.

Spinneys stocks dog and cat foods from Naturo – made from high-quality 100% natural ingredients, supplemented with essential vitamins, minerals and oils and free from added colours, flavours and preservatives. All meat is processed to the same standard as that used for human consumption, and the range is free of bulking agents and synthetic chemicals. The company works closely with nutritionists to ensure that their products will keep your pet in fine fettle – after all, a happy pet means a happy owner.

For dogs, the range includes Lamb & Rice, Salmon & Rice, and Lamb & Chicken, as well as options for puppies. The food also contains vegetables, giving your dog a balanced diet for optimum health and vitality.

Naturo Grain Free Cat Food is available in four mousse varieties – chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna – all grain-free and made with high-quality meat and added taurine.

As well as standard dog and cat ranges, Naturo offers grain-free hypoallergenic dog food for digestive- and allergy-sensitive canines, plus all-natural dog treats: Liver Brownies, Liver & Cranberry Biscotti and Lamb & Rice Bones.