Carly Neave's healthy tastes of Japan

Few things make one feel more content than food that’s easy to prepare, fun to eat and good for you

January is one mighty fine month. Depending how early in the month you’re reading this, resolutions are still in place, and we are faced with countless light-fantastic recipes that appeal with their bright colours and fresh flavours. And so it made perfect sense to invite Carly Neave to offer some healthy ideas of her own. After all, she isn’t known as the Lean Living Girl for no good reason, and it’s no fluke that her Insta-fan count is 34,000 and rising – fast.

She’s a qualified personal trainer and her family tree is closely linked to nutritional expertise, meaning she’s ideally placed to dream up a spread of virtuous – and virtually effortless – recipes:

Sesame-seared tuna sees clean plates in both senses; avocado salsa and cucumber salad on the side are the absolute pictures of health.

Seaweed miso soup is straightforward to make and nourishing fare for January.

Carly demonstrates a knack for getting the most out of coconut’s nutritious streak: first with a spicy relish that has the hallmark of being a fridge regular, and to finish, a coconut and wasabi granita that could barely be easier to prepare.

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5 fabulous Japanese products in store

1. Green tea is fantastic for flavouring ice cream and cakes and as a rub for fish.
2. Shiitake mushrooms pack a punch, delicious in broths, stir-fries and with greens.
3. Soy sauce is a staple, both as an ingredient and accompaniment.
4. Panko breadcrumbs are drier and crisper than regular ones – use to coat meat and fish.
5. Yuzu juice gives dressings, marinades, mocktails and sauces a pleasing sour note.